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  1. Employment is falling We had negative growth in last quarter he have stats for. The high street is dead Consumer confidence is shot, demand falling BCC reports negative outlook on economy The construction data for the UK in Feb was very weak, slowing further in March Services, ok ,maybe. We'll see Manufacturing, not enough latent capacity to pull us out the mess. Its capabilities a myth. Borrowing, that will increase when the jobs lost in the public sector are not replaced by the private sector Just my views. You're welcome to your own.
  2. If what you're trying to say is you're in the camp that believes rapid deficit reduction, destruction of essential services and a deep and bitter economic retrenchment are the best medicine then I'm fine with that but I don't agree with you. I think it's an insane experiment to attempt right now with zero evidence that it will work in the long term. Oh well, the opportunity to benefit from any short-run fiscal stimulus will be gone in 2-3 months anyway when interest rates rise.
  3. Borrowing is accelerating anyway. Growth is stagnant. Inflation is out of control. Employment is falling. Confidence is shot. Osborne is on a suicide mission.
  4. Which ONS report? What else did it say? What about impact of stimulus of employment levels and tax recieipts, for example.
  5. Anything that people believe they can exchange for money at some point in the future is a substitute for money. It's how bubbles work - you would never buy into a asset bubble unless you believed what you were buying could be exchanged back into money in the future. Money is what people believe it is.
  6. Hmmm, I know where you are coming from. But, the path Osborne is following is not a strategy for growth. It's like he's only doing half the job and he's doing that bit badly. It does seem counter-intuitive but to get out of this we have to keep spending and we have to borrow to do it. We also need to cut too, and cut big time. What is needed: 1. brutal, very well targeted and achievable cuts. No party officially disagrees with this. 2. very well targeted stimulus to maintain & achieve growth in key economic sectors. Necessary to increase confidence and stimulate overall growth. What we are getting from the conservatives 1. Unachievable cuts. No joined-up thinking between departments. Badly targeted cuts some so politically sensitive they can't be passed into law. 2. Increased spending anyway, none of which can be targeted for economic growth. Falling confidence. Flatlining growth. Rising inflation. Falling employment. Declining tax receipts. Osborne has screwed it up. And worse still I fear he's doing it in such a way that we'll not see any falls in house prices.
  7. No doubt the First Choice version of these types of holidays will be complete crap but I took the family on one a couple of years ago with a more upmarket company. 5 star golf and spa resort, private uncrowded pristine beaches, own water park, floodlit tennis courts, huge pools, incredible food. It set me back a few quid but it was one of the best holidays I've ever had. Full of Germans but I only had two arguments with them during the week, nothing too heated, about stuff like me blocking the way to the sausages at breakfast when I was waiting for my omelette to be cooked. But First Choice. Nah!
  8. Has this been ok'd with Osborne and his team? Because if it becomes clear, as it should do, that all governments of the past 30 years have conspired with the financial sector to pump up prices on one of the most fundamental necessities of life then they'lll be toast. All of 'em. Needless to say it will turn out that the calculations were basically 'correct' after all.
  9. Well yes of course they did as a condition of the bailout. The bit you maybe don't know about or are deliberately ignoring is what happened before. Ireland was implementing austerity measures - cutting public spending and raising taxes in 2008, well before their bail out. All in the name of trying to retain the confidence of the international markets. It backfired. They were not rewarded for those actions. Quite the opposite. An unfortunate fool's errand that Osborne was chosen for us too. The austerity measures just rejected in Portugal were the FOURTH package of austerity measures in the past year. The others were implemented. You really musn't believe everything (in fact anything) Osborne says. He has us on the same tracks as the biggest basket case economies in Europe and the preventative actions he is lauding are arguably very similar actions to those that have dumped the Irish and Portugese in the crap.
  10. We came out of recession because of stimulus measures. Ireland chose the austerity route and became a complete basket case. Portugal too. The irony of Osborne's bleating is that in telling us his actions are leading us away from a Ireland or Portugal situation he is leading us straight at it like an express train. History will prove him to be an even greater baffoon than Gordon Brown and that is going some. Osborne is a feckin eejit.
  11. We're not technically in a recession. If we do go back into one it'll be on Osborne's watch.
  12. It's all screwed up. Some of these people are genuine victims. Vulnerable people extended never ending credit by predatory lenders. But most of 'em are complete idiots who fully knew what they were doing and that was to spend against some imagined future windfall from their property. They made their bed, they'll have to lie in it. Thankfully the majority of them will have nice soothing cream coulored walls to ease their moods a little.
  13. Asset bubbles are what makes the system tick along. It needs bubbles. If Will Self means our housing bubble needs to be pricked then good for him. It's what most of us on this forum want. But then it will only be replaced by the next bubble as the system continues to eat and destroy itself.
  14. biorobots. people who volunteer to die, perhaps in return for a payment to surviving relatives
  15. Surely a good chance we'll officially be back in recession. There aren't that many signs of serious growth anywhere. Tens of thousands of jobs lost every month. Little evidence of jobs growth. Worrying news that some really big Japanese manufacturers in the UK will have to suspend or curtail production. We're kidding ourselves if we think UK manufacturers have enough latent capacity to pull us out of this. But it should be good for the house prices innit.
  16. Topographic map of the site. Proof that there are raised areas in and around the site where emergency generators and fuel tanks could have been placed. Placing them next to the shore and at or under ground level was a really, really awful decision. Zoom in and out to have a good look around. topography
  17. In this case given that it was a sub-standard aging American-designed plant they probably knew the shortcomings of the designs and how to counter those shortcomings. If they offered help it should have been accepted.
  18. What is the geology at Fukushima and what secondary containment is there in the reactor buildings? They would surely have to work from above as well as below but are the basement areas of the plant flooded? How will they pump concrete into those and what will they do with tens of thousands of litres of highly radioactive water the concrete would displace? In fact thinking about it if the underground structures are filled with water and the cores melt through into them they are serious ******ed. The resulting steam release could be catastrophic.
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