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  1. Of course it's hot air. We know that in past downturns job losses in the city have been in the hundreds of thousands. In comparispn the shifting of a major bank HQ is just that - a move of the HQ and a few thousand staff at most. That bank would still continue investment banking and retail operations in the UK and continue to employ almost as many people. If it did move out completely the slack would be taken up by competitors anyway, perhaps after an offloading of UK business to competitors in a situation where the outgoing bank could hardly demand a high price without making itself look stupid. I wish they would go but they aren't planning to. It's media friendly window dressing for serial government cave-ins, the coalition following a fine tradition of governments of every persuasion being shafted in the butt by the banks.
  2. Weird. It didn't come out of the mouth of anybody. This is a message board. Anyway, thoroughly crap attempt at trying to belittle an argument. Well done
  3. The thing is we don't truly know what the risks are, amply demonstrated at Fukushima. There will be more cat 7 incidents in the future and they will be at 3rd gen plants. Guaranteed. Something outwith the design parameters of those plants will happen. Nature, human error, military attack, terrorist attack etc... etc... Take your pick.
  4. Getting back to the original point and that is if we knew we would have on average a category 7 event on average every 25 years (generously taking the last 50 years as being when we've had a fully commercial nuclear industry) and hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths then the public would not have accepted the risks.
  5. They're impossible to cost. Clearly. Any attempt to do so, e.g. factoring costs across dozens of future generations would make them an economic non-starter. If we had known 50 years ago that the average would be a dead zone every 25 years and hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths across generations then the public would have never have bought in.
  6. Yes, I'm avoiding sushi too. Tesco can stick it where the sun don't shine.
  7. Yes, Chinese. And they are crap at languages. Look at this article which is one I read in the local paper last time I was over there: Meath Schools Controversy They're preparing for the Chinese mega economic zone in Athlone no doubt.
  8. That is the key really. Accountability and measurement and value for money. But if you try and introduce those concepts into a public sector service it will generate a beauracracy to hold itself accountable, measure its performance and scrutinise every spend. The whole process starts to defeat itself. The governance becomes overbearing. People are too scared to make decisions. Nothing can get done. Risk taking is frowned on. It doesn't have to be like that but it's what happens when public services are given too much freedom to define themselves - public services should be defined by what the people genuinely need but governments of every flavour seem to miss that vital point.
  9. From what I see the Republic is not a great place to be at the moment. The medical card thing is important, basically gets you the same treatment as the NHS but without it you can end up paying through the nose - always remember my brother in law coming back from the chemist having shelled out 200 punts on prescriptions for his shingles. But you can only get the medical card in certain circumstances. The schools are massively under pressure in some areas. In Meath where my in-laws are mostly based the council admits to being short of secondary schools - in one area they are so oversubscribed (around Navan) they need an additional whole new school to cope with demand but that is unlikely to happen because of budget cuts. As it is kids are crammed into what school buildings there are. And they're keen on languages - Chinese one of the most popular choices The employment market there is shot. Basically, if you're in good health (or can afford private health care), don't have kids of school age (or can afford private eduction should the worst happen) and you have a completely recession-proof job in demand then you'll be ok. The place is a mess but taking a long view if a suitable development plot or house became available I'd be tempted. Unfortunately looking at the prices generally on EA sites over there they still look insanely overpriced.
  10. NHK last night had some nice close ups. All three damaged buildings still pumping out steam plus the other reactor building had a whole punched in the side and steam was coming out the hole. Scientist said that fuel was gathering in the bottom of containment vessels but that everything was stable because some form of cooling was taking place. They would have to continue this for months until a solution for recovering or encasing the fuel was devised. Any loss of cooling for more than a day (e.g. due to earthquake, tsunami) would be catastrophic. Looks to me that things are stabilised after a fashion but still very much on a knife edge.
  11. Haha, yeah. Jail is too good for some of them. What else is there?
  12. Sorry to hear that. Keep your head up. Be honest. Tidy up your CV. You'll get sorted. And hey at least you got somewhere to live at present.
  13. Keep up. They're going to regulate our banks. Well....the current FSA staff will be TUPEd to the BoE en masse to continue their currect excellent work I've every confience in the BoE after its early detection and prevention of serious problems at Barings and BCCI So stop slagging the bank off. It's great!
  14. Too true. Those videos of the explosions. When you look at the 'little' cubes in the distance that are the reactor buildings you might think it's not too bad. But to get a sense of perspective those buildings are actually pretty big - the spent fuel pools were about 2/3 of the way up inside the building and the pools themselves are 20 storeys above the reactor cores. Those were explosions that virtually destroyed huge structures. The hydrogen to cause the explosions, well me know where that came from. It was clearly a catastrophic situation even then.
  15. They forgot something - the 3 cases of Strongbow for £20 deals. Sit at home having your brain fried by Sky drinking Strongbow to numb the pain while you destroy your body with cheap processed crap from the supermarket. Then treat yourself to an overpriced 10pm flight to a second rate airport in the middle of nowhere. Yeah let's celebrate it. FFS All paid for on a credit card of course
  16. I feel the case for nuclear energy is stronger than ever, in fact strengthened by the latest events.
  17. it will be unexpected because the BoE makes the most woeful forecasts going
  18. I don't doubt that output has increased. It should. In the city I live in more steel is produced than ever but with a fraction of the employees. But it's not just about output. What about share of GDP, levels of employment, exposure to key markets, loss of comparative advantage etc... I wouldn't expect any government of the last 30 years to have performed well.
  19. Because they were commissioned to do the research by a VI - The Recruitment and Employment Confederation.
  20. I wish Ken Clarke was in No.11 instead of Osborne. I really do. That said, the Tories left us with crumbling health, energy, water, education and transport infrastructure, and a crippled manufacturing sector. That was the price that was paid. And we're still paying it.
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