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  1. Using cards for smaller transactions? Food? Fuel? Other essentials?
  2. Every time I see this debate it makes me chuckle. I have a bit of news for the BTL and second home owners who are squealing about having to pay this extra tax. The vast majority of you were running a business. You can dress it up all you want. You can even call it a pension but at the end of the day it was effectively a business. And businesses have to pay taxes. And the taxation regime for businesses often changes. You must have thought about this before you set out. Surely?
  3. Except for a few formats already subject to CGT. Not subject to VAT.........yet
  4. In the area I live houses will always sell, mainly to families with young children. Basically it's one of those school catchment area areas. linky
  5. They've done lots of work inside but on exterior it still looks like it needs more. Guy told me he'd been offered the asking price for it - just short of £200k
  6. I'm in Sheff. On my street houses are shifting. Next door sold within 2 weeks. House opposite just went for £48k more than what it was bought for 3 years ago.
  7. We have an extensive bloom of this about 40m from our house. Quite a bit of it around here, some within a few metres of houses and in one place within metres on two sides of a pumping unit on a major gas main.
  8. Italy also has one of the biggest cental bank gold reserves in the World. Approx 2,500 tonnes. In other words, almost ten times what the UK has.
  9. Many thanks absolutezero and bart. I might make some purchases.
  10. I'm curious about the payment mechanism. They show prices in sterling so i it possible to pay in sterling? Or does payment have to be made in Euro?
  11. Your money will be safe. People are massively in denial. My partner works in the NHS too and was talking to a fellow nurse at work. With a kid on the way this lass has just got an offer in on a £250k house with a mortgage that will be just shy of £200k. This girl's partner works in the NHS too in a non-frontline position. It looks like an absolute recipe for disaster.
  12. There isn't exuberant speculation. That's the point.
  13. There won't be another Falklands War. Argentina is not militarily geared up for it and that is the key. It'll only happen if we provoke it and that would be a pretty dumb thing to do.
  14. "Private and voluntary groups will be given a greater in placing the long term unemployed back into work on a payment by results basis." This is actually a Labour policy started with FND in 2008 http://www.dwp.gov.uk/supplying-dwp/what-we-buy/welfare-to-work-services/flexible-new-deal/ The idea is that long term unemployed are placed with third party providers, the likes of A4E. Currently the placements are 13 to 26 weeks. The Tories want to get people placed for longer, perhaps 1 year+ which will allow people to stay off the registers for longer. The subtext is of course (in concert with other initiatives, again commenced under Labour during 2009) a culling of a very top heavy and human resource hungry DWP workforce. And Vince, good luck with the Royal Mail unions. A rum bunch to pick a fight with if ever there was one.
  15. Been to post office today. Certificates bought for each of the kids. Their (previously competitive) accounts had gone down to 0.25% interest rate in the last few months. One account had £14k in it and only paid £60 interest for the last year
  16. A fair point about silver as a cheaper way in. But what else don't you agree with? 1) That most people aren't aware of PMs as an investment? 2) That most people don't know how to buy PMs? 3) That most people don't know the price of PMs? 4) That most people have no savings or very low levels of savings? 5) That if the SHTF and PMs fulfill their promise as a store of wealth that only a small proportion of people will be adequately protected? I think 1-5 provides a pretty good assessment of where things are right now. Basically lots of people now know how to sell their PMs (especially gold ) but they don't know how to buy. Buying isn't even on the radar of the majority - who knows maybe they know something we don't. As for the looters in your Mad Max vision of the future. What do youthink they'll be looting from those shops and why?
  17. I agree. Obviously there are many sensible people who post on here who are stacking cash and other assets like gold but that is not representative of what is happening generally. There genuinely aren't a great deal of people out there who would say have the spare money to start stacking gold at dealer prices of £900+/oz. And people who have low levels of cash savings (i.e. in the low thousands) would be ill advised to pile them all into PMs anyway. It's just not in the general consciousness right now - most people I speak to have never even considered buying gold and don't have any clue how to do it. When I tell em the price they can't believe it. I'd be surprised if any more than 5-10% of the population are able to build any type of meaningful PM stack right now. Unfortunately including me
  18. This is all media hype right? The main outlets for these stories are the Tory press? The same Tory press that only 9 days ago told us all to vote Tory? Now the Tories are in power the Tory press want to damage the unity of the government? Why?
  19. Noticed similar on Sarnia Silver the other day.
  20. Hello there, Long time lurker. Been wanting to upsize for ages but not at prices as they stand. So very much stuck on the first rung of the ladder in a home that is only just adequate for our growing family. Current aim is to pay down current mortgage while waiting for the market to become more realistically priced.
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