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  1. EEA was always the logical first step. I’m a remainer but could have accepted that as a compromise. It’s not palatable to hardened Brexiters of course but the argument that we could completely leave in 2-3 years was always fallacious. We can never completely leave and there will always need to be a serious of stepping stones that could take a decade or more to cross. When people argue against that kind of approach it has to raise suspicions. Typical binary U.K. politics where there can’t be nuances, just thick headed polar opposites. In or out, left or right etc...
  2. The IMF have said what they had to. To maintain stability and because what Osborne is doing is what the IMF would lis likely prescribe.
  3. The boy Clegg has been before too if the rumours are correct.
  4. The majority of countries are fuelled by debt.
  5. All the money has gone on benefits payments? All part of the profligate spending that created the vast debt and structural deficit? Maybe? Meths? Crack Cocaine? Who knows?
  6. Your graph shows combined local and central expenditure. Nice try but no banana. Labour bigots? Do you mean like Gillian Duffy? What do I call her? Your girlfriend.
  7. You are joking. Fiscally the last Tory government were doing ok off the back of a natural upswing in the economic cycle. But they left the country with decaying infrastructure, schools and hospitals. They wasted billions on the futile attempt to keep us in the ERM. They presided over a series of cack-handed privatisations that have cost the country billions. They introduced the PFI framework to this country. They grew the state. They failed to regulate the finance sector. They were interventionist in the industrial economy but in a way that added no value. They presided over boom and bust, a housing and credit bubble. They were at the centre of sleaze and corruption scandals. In short they made every fecking mistake in the book. Just like Labour did last time. This country has been broken for decades, since the 70s. And we can argue toill the cows come home but the fact is no government has done anything to fix that. It's got worse with every parliament and at the core of it is all is sustained industrial failure which no government has tackled.
  8. No party has effectively managed the economy for the last 30-40 years. Not Labour. Not the Conservatives. And now the Libs are having a bash at being shyte at it too.
  9. Haha, no I wasn't. There's a distinction between normal people who happen to be conservative supporters and Tory-boy bigots of which there seem to be a preponderance on here. I know it's difficult but do try to use a bit of brain power.
  10. Not at all. I'm sure most conservatives and conservative supporters are rational, tolerant and very nice people.
  11. Because a lot of Tory boys are bigots. In fact many right wing traits are inherently bigoted. Wiki says this and I think it's fair: "The predominant usage in modern English refers to persons hostile to those of differing race, ethnicity, nationality, inter-regional prejudice, gender and sexual orientation, homelessness, various medical disorders particularly behavioral disorders and addictive disorders and religion or spirituality." So, bigots a lot of the Tory boys are, IMO.
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