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  1. Are you telling me that you really buy for one second all that rethoric on nuclear disarmament? oh, yes, he won the nobel peace prize and all that... bless And as I said, too much centralised energy power in very few hands...
  2. are you saying that the main driver for the existence of atomic energy and plants is the generation of electricity? nothing to do with with weapons industry/making quick bucks/centralization of energy resources? I choose a wold without atomic weapons... Oh well, that's impossible, so i'll have to become a nihilist or a social darwinist...
  3. by the way, the money masters is 3:35 hours. Not sure why the video on the first post shows 1:45 here full version:The money masters
  4. I don't know if you are part of one of these elites, though you certainly seem to share their world view: social darwinism (not the same as darwinism by the way). Not sure if this is the thread to discuss its implications though...
  5. Dont be patronising please. We understand the nature of reality, systems theory, chaos theory and the like. Do you understand the concept of 'institution' and the psychology of power? There are the rich and the megarich. There is people with power and masters of the universe. Dont know why we have to choose between chaos or control. Surely they are both happening at the same time. I personally would sleep much better if this was just chaos...
  6. Sounds great. I have a doubt though. What is and, more importantly, what would be the status of the Bank of England under this reform? I mean, as far as I know it is a private institution (shareholders etc) EDIT: this is the case for the Fed, not the BoE. So I guess it would be a matter of discussing the BoE level of 'independence' ? But wait a minute, does the goverment borrow money from the BoE at an interest? I am confused. from the link: ''restore the right to create the nation’s money to a public agency of the state (the Bank of England under the direction of the Monetary Policy Committee)''
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