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  1. It is of consequence. I am currently looking and am only prepared to view properties wheer there is no chain. As someone who has been involved in property for many years I know it is by far the easiest and fastest way to buy. Tghe more people in the chain the slower it will be. theer are more chances of someone changing their mind and pullling out. More opportunies for a buyer in the chainto be refused a mortgage, a solicitor to be totallyb useless and many other factors that cause chains to break or crawl on a a snail's pace.
  2. No agent gets anywhere near £300 from a solicitor. The norm is £50, £100 at most. Solicitors justadd any agreed referal fee to their standard fees and pass that to the agent For the solicitor to pay £00 would just make them totally uncompetitive. Additionally solicitors are touting the agents for business constantly and even though a solicitor may be referred for a fee, if they do not perform they will be dropped by the agent for another solicitor who will offer the agent the same fee.
  3. And as it happens I think 1.6 for this property in this road is about right. So you wish ill on someone just because they will not sell you a property at 300k less than they will get from someone else. Oddly enough nor would I.
  4. I find it incredible that people here cheerfully state they want someone to break and hip and or die. I dread to think what you must be like and how bitter and unpleasant your must be. Disgusting filth.
  5. Valuations are just one person's opinion, be they a surveyor or an estate agent. these people are just human beings and are not infallible and like us all have personal preferences and dislikes. Frankly, when I am selling properties I expect theer to be a wide range of prices which is why you should always get at least 3 valuations. Anyone can get lucky with a single buyer prepared to offer over the odds, but the true test is if there are more than one which in this case there obviously was, indicating that the property is worth this money to a buyer at this point which is all any seller needs. Since I was in the property business I have constantly heard cries of " far too much money" when a property is sold. In reality however, who cares ? If you do not wish to buy a property at a given price and someone else does, surely that is fine . It is just about personal choice. What I do NOT understand is why so many people on this forum get so agitated by the fact that a property has sold at a price above that which they would pay for it. If you do not want to buy it at that price and someone else does don't worry about it just buy something else.
  6. I have just sold 2 properties for slighly over the price paid on 2007 with nothing done to them at all by way of improvements, not much over about 10k, both went in a week.
  7. Quote : Don't be surprised if someone much more polite gets to see the best properties which come on first. Reply : Are you really naive enough to think thats how it works, the person who gets to see the best properties is the person who happens to spot the best properties on rightmove and phones the agent first, they have a standard list and they email everyone on their books about them. Its sales and its money, not saying you need to be horrible to them but if they think they can get commission out of you they will, whether you are a **** about it or not is ultimately irrelevant. As someone who has been involved in property for many years I can assure you that unless the market is flat which is certainly not the case now judging by purely personal experience on our sites, that agents will, when they get a good property on for sale or rent tend to ring people they like and consider good buyers / tenants to give them 1st choice and to speed the sales / letting process. In spite of the opinion of some people on here, people who deal in property are just human beings with the same emotions and flaws and feelings as everyone else. Given a choice of selling or letting to a person they like or one they dont like they will obviously recommend their client to accept an offer, all things being equal, from the person they like and have a better working relationship with. Part of the judgement as to who is a "good" prospect is based on how easy they will be to deal with and who they get on with in an easy way with mutual respect and understanding, rather than someone who is rude and unpleasant. There are certainly people who have visited my sites who would be willing buyers who we have deemed to be too much hard work to deal with. In such cases we would just prefer to find a better and less obstuctive / difficult buyer. I rememeber my 1st week as an estate agent before I became a developer when a particualary rude guy met one of the sales girls on an appointemt and was exceedinly rude for no good reason, saying he hated all estate agents - usual stuff. The owner of the company rang and politely asked if the gentleman would come in so that they could discuss how to move forward. When the guy came in the owner of the firm said he would not tolerate his staff being spoken to that way and that he would no longer be offered any viewings on any property. All agents and developers share lists of people who they consider to be timewasters or just ignorant and we avoid them like the proverbial.
  8. As a smallish developer over many years we always anticiptate a HUGE slow down during any major sporting event, be it World Cup football, Rugby Olympics et al. It is normal. We have 3 sites currently being sold and told all staff to go home at 2. Even if they are not interested in football it is boring for them to be on site knowing that they are wasting their time being there, and it is a gesture that is appreciated. I have contacts who own their own businesses in the motor, lorry carpet and furniture fields and it is the same for them. My local pub reports a huge rise in takings though
  9. S/O works for many people. As a developer I can assure you that it does NOT mean you can ONLY sell back to the developer at a price they agree. In 99% of all agreements you can sell 100% of the property to a willing buyer or the amount you have bought. The association you have bought from will have their own re-sale dept for people looking to buy S/O. The company you own the share with also have a vested interest to get the best price as they own a share of it. The housing assocciatiion are also Non-profit makinbg organisations and most people within them have an ethos that is focused on helping people. Obviously I will now get replies saying - my brother had an awful experience etc., but no organisation is perfect. To answer someof the other points, yes you are a home owner so when the property is outside its defect guarantee period you are responsible for upkeep and maintanance, welcome to the world of owning a home. If you do not want that responsibility stay in the rental market. You Can decorate any way you wish to. You want to knock down a wall etc. in any leasehold property you will need to ask for permsission; that is normal. If prices go up you only get the % on the amount you own; yes why would anyone expect more? Would you rather rent and get no increase? Mortgage interest rates going up, again that life if you own a home. Again if you want to be 100% safe from market fluctuations stay in the rental market. Service charges are regulated and have to be not for profit. The rent is pegged at .05% above RPI and is subsidised by the Govt. If prices go down and they do from time to time yes you lose, albeit far less than you would have done otherwise. Have to sell to move, again welcome to the world of owning a home, estate agents, chains etc. S/O is not for everyone but it is a way to get on the property ladder, pay off your own mortgage and have security of tenure IF that is what you value. Also why bother about what you work mate thinks? If home ownership is not for you that is your choice surely? All the best whatever you do in the future.
  10. I cannot imagine why he did. Why he thought this was worthy of reporting is beyond me. I know a very experienced surveyer who thinks prices will rocket next year but I would not bother to start a thread on it, and actually who cares anyway it is just one person's opinion.
  11. So 1 agent says the market is going to crash and burn, must be true then!
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