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  1. You can shout and scream and stamp your feet hold your breath and cover your eyes as much as you like, but you ain't going to get your HPC. Deal with it.
  2. You don't see it because of that psychology thing you mention..you don't want to see it!
  3. No..I'm saying they can pay a larger proportion of what they have. You are deluding yourself in that you think the housing market is a rational economic model.
  4. Incomes may come down but that doesn't mean rents can't rise to take an even larger share of that income: the UK economy and political system now operates as a plutocracy...thus its all about impoverishing people to make the rich even richer: read the signs...collapsed social mobility, falling wages, rising taxes, cuts in services, graduates leaving Uni with massive debt (soon to be bigger) only to get a job flipping burgers...mortgage droughts and "housing shortages" and a huge growth in an expensive private rented sector are just part of the impoverishment process. Looks like Aviva are prepared to put £1bn of thier money where my mouth is...these guys want to make rented housing "a new asset class," read it and weep. AVIVA EYES NEW RENTAL HOMES FUND
  5. Let me turn that round, continued immigration and more FTBs being forced to rent..thats going to result in lower rents?
  6. And the BTL's aren't going to crash and burn as continued immigration and the mortage drought (and falling real income and disposable income) will push more and more people into the rental sector, rents will rise and that in itself will reinforce and increase the demand for more property for more BTL. HPC ain't gonna happen folks.
  7. So the privatised rail network doesn't cost more in government subsidies than British rail did? So privatised utilities provide a cheap service, there are no leaking pipes and the future of power generation in the UK is assured? So private IT contractors have done a real good job in the NHS etc etc. I do like the way free market nutjobs use their rabid ideology to ignore the facts in front of their face.
  8. I wasn't having a go..but in my experience if you are making a big decision its much easier to live with it if it goes tits up if you're the one that has made it...whilst people here may be able to grasp the finances of what you're talking about they will not have any idea of the psycho-dynamics (if I can be so pompous..) of your personal situation/character, and you buying a home or not is not going to be all about money, I'm sure you have other reasons as well. To finish..I wish you all the best with whatever you decide and if you want this house I hope you get it (and at a good price!). Good luck!
  9. Wouldn't it be wiser to just make your own judgement rather than relying on some anonymous person on a website?
  10. Yes, anyone who enjoys poncing around in a stupid uniform and telling people what to do is thick and not to be trusted.
  11. Watch this and learn why there will be no sustained or substantial HPC. There is going to be an even bigger boom in buy to let: its the next act in the rigging of the housing market... mortagages will become harder and harder to get, more and more people will be pushed to rent, rental yields will go up attracting even more capital into BTL and so on.. I've said this before here and people think I'm mad...wait and see...bearing in mind our economy is built on property do you really think that the VI's wouldn't have another trick up their sleeve..and as the spirit of the age seems to be screw the working and middle classes into penury it makes perfect sense: why screw someone for £600 a month on a mortgage(and risk that they might be able to share in the profits themselves at some stage, and maybe, horror of horrors, advance their social position) when you can screw them for £1000 a month in rent with no chance they'll ever make any capital gain whatsoever. The age of home ownership is over for all but the rich, welcome to the age of tenant serfdom. All hail the plutocracy. The c*nts have won.
  12. Actually modern conventional weaponry (fuel-air explosives for example) is so destructive that you wouldn't need to go nuclear...a direct military confrontation between two large and sopihisticated nations is not going to happen, the bloodshed and attrition of men,material and money would be so vast and so quick as to render it a military non-option: assymetric, pin-***** wars fought by super power proxies are far the more likely outcome.
  13. I don't think you quite get the way things have gone: bankstesr, government, landlords, capitalists...there is no distinction between any of them, they are all consituents of the ruling class working for eachothers mutal benefit at everyone elses expense.
  14. Injin my dear you have far too much time on your hands and you are playing your usual game of semantics.
  15. Honestly when will you people give up this free market twaddle: if you think that a "free market" is anything but a contradiction in terms then your understanding of capitalism is primary school level and you really do need to grow up.
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