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  1. Hi. It was 12% less than asking price. You have to bear in mind that the EA didn't drop the price for over a year so the I new the price should be much lower. I didn't need to do any work to the property and moved straight in. I am finding that similar houses in my area are still being sold for the original price which is ridiculous. Some other EAs are lowering the prices to what I paid now. I knew this would happen and the prices will fall further but I really like the house and have no regrets...yet :-) C
  2. When people say drops of 40%/50% I assume this is a blanket taking into account all of Northern Ireland, so certain regions will see larger falls than others. By what prices would you say property in popular Belfast areas such as Castlereagh, Cregagh have fallen?
  3. Sorry to bring this up again, but I have a few more views from people. One says DD is the cheapest way to pay and another says Depends on how much you use - "I'm a low user and due to prompt payment discounts, a standard tariff with quarterly payments works out cheaper for me." Does Phoenix offer discount for swift payment? First I've heard of it. Thanks
  4. Just as a matter of interest, what area of Belfast is the house in?
  5. Ta, everyone. Thanks for the link. Price less than I thought. The Council site is diabolical for finding things. I'm so used to staying away from it it never even occurred to me to look there. :-) I rang and was informed that I would have to pay for a black bin. Crazy! I will be paying rates to have rubbish collected, but if I don't have a black bin they won't collect it.
  6. Thanks. They are the norm council bins, black, blue, brown. The vendors are prurchasing also, so maybe the people they are buying off are taking their bins for some reason. As long as I know I can get free bins, I'm happy enough...especially when paying rates!!
  7. Hi, Sorry for the banality of this one, but here goes... I am a FTB who has been renting for 10 years. I am going to be moving into a house I have nearly completed purchase of. The vendors are taking their bins with them. Do I get a bin/s from the council since I will be paying rates???? Many thanks.
  8. Okay. That's good to know. Many thanks! I am just wondering how many people get to buy a house below the valuation after a survey. I am obviously glad not to be paying more than the current market value.
  9. Impossible to say. Just got that information 1 month ago. Just curious to know how valuations are worked out. So I'm corect in saying that the Land is part of the valuation? The property is in East Belfast and just wondering, that if the prices continue to some down will the valuation be similar in, lets say 5 years time? I got £20,000 off the asking price so think I have done quite well.
  10. Thanks for that. Property valued at £55,000 more than it is to build new. Crazy.
  11. Hi, A quick question about a surveyor valuation. What exactly does this mean? Is it the value of the property in the current climate or is this the value of the property no matter what the housing market is like. eg. If the house I am buying now was valued a year and a half ago would it still have been valued at what it is now? Many thanks,
  12. Thanks for the advice. Bank is the Northern. Will keep you posted.
  13. Hi, I put an offer on a house and had the house surveyed. The surveyor has done a report and the house is valued at £5000 less than what I offered. Any advice, apart from the obvious, which is to not pay any more than my offer, minus £5000. Has anyone ever experienced this and have th evendors been receptive? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for that leftofcentre :-) Mod edit business name removed.
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