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  1. House next door has just been let which prompted the estate agent to post a flyer through our door addressed to "The Occupier". The flyer was an advertisement explaining how long it took them to find a tenant for next door and stated they are in need of similar rental properties.  It then went on to detail how much the tenants next door are paying in rent each month! 

    It pissed me off that they shared this detail with me, is that legal? As far as I am concerned the amount of rent they agreed to pay is a private matter between themselves and their landlord.

    When the neighbours the other side remortgage their property I don't get a letter explaining how much their monthly payments are.

    Perhaps I'm being too sensitive but would be interested to know other people's views.

  2. Give it a couple of years and see how much money you have in your bank account. Then start thinking about settling down with kids in a decent school catchment area. Still affordable?

    I agree with this 100%. London is great if your prepared to live in a house share. My wife and I now have two kids and we have spent the last two years trying find a way to make London work. It Is not going to happen, we have to move out mainly due to the price of an extra bedroom or two.

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