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  1. A working man used to be able to get a modest job in a factory and raise a family in a decent home with a garden. Now we have people living in rented boxes and zero hour contracts. Progress?
  2. Fawkes has been exposed as a government stooge. Be careful of his site.
  3. Trump, Russia, China and everyone in power are all on the same side. Its them versus us. That's why nothing changes.
  4. Lewis Gordon Pugh


    ALL politicians are working together AGAINST us. Funded by their paymasters above. Until you work this out, nothing will change. But then you have to convince everyone else that this is the case as well for change to occur. But that will never happen. So just be thankful you have food on your table in our rigged reality. NOTHING will get better, it will just get worse. They control EVERY SINGLE position they need to, in order to maintain power. Too many people asleep to the lies and many on here still living in the matrix despite the obvious evidence around them. I think deep down these people use denial as a form of mental preservation so they don't go mad.
  5. Lewis Gordon Pugh

    May - A Country Not For Just The Priviledged Few?

    More empty platitude before business as usual (plus the backslide from Brexit)
  6. Lewis Gordon Pugh

    Theresa May Touches On Housing Crisis

    Still falling for what they say. My bet is more of the same.
  7. Lewis Gordon Pugh

    Farage Resigns As Ukip Leader

    Changed history. One of the most influential people in modern politics. Quit at the top. Will eat the left for decades this.
  8. So to summarise. Brexit vote will be ignored. Politicians still calling voters bigots. Immigration to continue. Tribal politics filled with EU stooges. Media bods still creating narratives handed to them by their handlers.
  9. Haha. Serious? They don't care. Cattle is how they see us.
  10. If the people of this site were in any doubt as to who the establishment were, and who was working for them, there should be little doubt now. The gravy train has been threatened, all hands on deck to protect it.
  11. Lewis Gordon Pugh


    Put their names on the list, we can clean this mess up when we are out of the influence of the EU.
  12. Lewis Gordon Pugh

    How Many More Law Changes Will It Take To Secure A Remain Victory?

    Pretty poor effort mate.
  13. Lewis Gordon Pugh

    How Many More Law Changes Will It Take To Secure A Remain Victory?

    We already know the result will be 52 to 48 to remain. That is what the fake polls are for.
  14. Lewis Gordon Pugh

    The "undecided" Will Vote Remain

  15. Lewis Gordon Pugh

    Gardian: Latest Poll Shows Eu Exit In Slight Lead

    I still think they rig the polls so they can get away with rigging the election. Let's face it, even if they get caught, red handed, nothing will happen.

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