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  1. Fat people are going to stay fat because they have already chosen that route. None of these schemes ever work. Add to that biking in most of Britain is pretty dangerous unless you are fit and observant.
  2. Take it or leave it. It is my opinion. You do your own research and make your own judgement. Good luck.
  3. We are living through a series of psychological operations. There is a war currently going on, and its basically them (rich business interests and their puppet governments) versus the general population. There is a major spiritual element to this that includes a ritualistic component. You might not believe in Satan, but they do. We are currently living through the destruction of Christian values, the destruction of their old world order and the creation of the NWO (which was Biblically prophesied).
  4. Voting is pointless. The whole system is rigged. The real decision are made at a higher level that national governments.
  5. Saw a house recently for sale near Boston Lincs. Sold in 2018 for 90 k I think. Now up for 135 k. So these sorts of houses have to drop 40 k just to reverse the greed and delusion. Then the madness of the 2000's has to unfold.
  6. There is a lot of misinformation about vitamin D. Generally the data shows that when the sun is out people get enough vitamin D and when it is not out they don't. In the northern hemisphere at high latitudes vitamin D (actually hydroxyvitamin D plasma levels) increase from about March / April to about September / October. Then they decline though the winter. Vitamin D synthesis occurs via the conversion of a cholesterol derivative to vitamin D which is subsequently activated in the liver and kidney. This process occurs in the skin, and may even occur inside capillaries in the skin. To state that the vitamin D can be "washed off" by taking a shower once a day is stretching science, and I would be wary of people who claim to know this is a "fact". The overriding most important factor in vitamin D synthesis rates is the solar zenith angle.
  7. A working man used to be able to get a modest job in a factory and raise a family in a decent home with a garden. Now we have people living in rented boxes and zero hour contracts. Progress?
  8. ALL politicians are working together AGAINST us. Funded by their paymasters above. Until you work this out, nothing will change. But then you have to convince everyone else that this is the case as well for change to occur. But that will never happen. So just be thankful you have food on your table in our rigged reality. NOTHING will get better, it will just get worse. They control EVERY SINGLE position they need to, in order to maintain power. Too many people asleep to the lies and many on here still living in the matrix despite the obvious evidence around them. I think deep down these people use denial as a form of mental preservation so they don't go mad.
  9. More empty platitude before business as usual (plus the backslide from Brexit)
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