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  1. Home owner for many years. Have seen mega rising markets and housing recessions. Involved in property development.

  2. has not set their status

  3. what is the big deal here? it is the law of supply and demand - if you do not want to pay a particular price for something then DONT it is your choice
  4. " A true barometer" Utter tosh and drivel! This is just one individual's opinion on one individual property. As it happens the Nationwide and Leeds in particular have been told to downvalue on any mortgage valuations at the moment. Halifax and Abbey also did the same but have recently changed their policy. Anyone buying a property needs to do their own research to establish their own opinion, also are you in this to buy a home or to make money? The last house I bought albeit, 10 years ago, I paid what I knew was 10k more than it was worth. My view was "so what" I was buying the place
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