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  1. With a rebuild you get what you want and no VAT - 20% from next year! With a re-model/extension project - having to work with what's there. Bit more of a compromise, still plenty of hard graft/stress and costs - including VAT. Depends what you want. Talk to local planners and have a chat with an architect & get an idea of what might be possible/costs with either scenario is the only way to make your mind up. With a plot like that I would demolish & build something fab.
  2. I share your absolute frustration. We know exactly what we would be comfortable in affording, but houses in that bracket in our area our utterly disappointing and would not give us the additional space we are looking for so there is absolutely zero motivation for us to go through the hassle of moving. Houses we would consider are £100-£150k over our 'budget', although prices are gradually coming south and house are simply not shifting. We're up against the older downsizers who's only motivation is to cash in massively on their bricks & mortar and are asking a huge amount of money for house
  3. That does appear to be a weird and very fishy attempt at manipulation - so they had an offer of 325, and were touting for more, then it mysteriously changes to 305, which is clearly more attractive than the 325 offer, but were still touting for more, and then they had an offer of 285? So what happened to the other 'offers' then? Did the 'offerees' pull out? Print out Property Bee info and send to EA with request for clarification. Never seen that before.............tsk tsk.....
  4. Hmm - have you checked flood risk on the environment agency website?
  5. I'm with The Count, as I don't believe any houses have been sold this month, and then maybe +1.5% for September as I believe Mr & Mrs Granger down the road got a tidy sum for their 3bed bungalow which completes next week. ttfn
  6. My patience is really wearing thin. I want to move. I am a motivated mover. We are lucky enough to have the where-with-all to go for it.......but ASKING PRICES ARE BLOODY RIDICULOUS!!! I have found a great example this very evening that goes to show that it's not just my imagination. A house - let's call it house A - in a nice village, fairly modern - on with one agent (spit <<ping>>) since early June for £585k. A second agent (spit <<ping>>) has now been instructed and has very kindly e-mailed me a 'heads-up'. I check it out.....lo & behold do I discover another h
  7. Oooh - sounds luvverly. Sometimes - well, more often recently, let's face it - have thought of just quitting rat race/9-5 corporate rubbish and taking substantial savings & living somewhere like that........would be great for our girls. I mean - who needs it! The whole world's gone mad. Just need to convince hubby that it's a viable option........
  8. Another utter bargain for you discerning punters - very handy for the A414 of a morning too: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27220102.html Thankyou for your attention & kind words. Bless you all.
  9. Rest easy - I have a plan. And am willing to walk away (sobbing) if I don't get the answers I seek. Anyway, am cheery, because this gem has popped up in my search area: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27206404.html HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did literally fall off my chair.
  10. The simple answer is - yes. You have the finance in place and chain-free, I presume? You are in a stronger position than 99.9% of buyers. Never let on what your maximum limit is. A search price range is fine. Always look at places a bit above your top limit. Remember that the EA is acting on behalf of the vendors and their own interests - they couldn't give a stuff about you - they just want as much cash from you as possible. Ask their advice and be diplomatic but take everything they say with a big dose of salt. Buying a house is an asset exchange - they have something you want & you ha
  11. Hoorah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The general media is the only thing the sheeple take any note of.....so here we go!!!!!!! Hold on tight!
  12. Me again - thanks for the replies. Food for thought. The site is only under consultation so not actually under planning as yet - a number of other sites being looked at also. So, unlikely to come up on local searches and probably vendors not obliged to mention it - I only came across it by accident. The land is CC land, currently being farmed. Apparently the consultation process has brought up a lot of points which would make a site unsuitable. Gambling - hmm - I know what you mean but does it have to be the end of the world if it did happen? SO frustrated. Nothing else on the market of i
  13. Planning thing a real p****r. Have been waiting to move for at least 6 years. We could do great things with this house - current one limited. Could go into loft but would need to put staircase in current third single bedroom so would still be left with a 3bed semi where the local school is s**t. And you know when you just don't want to throw away money on a house you no longer want to live in?? Am fuming at last minute discovery of potential crappola scenario but glad I found out now rather than after buying. Wouldn't that have been a peach! The price for the aforementioned package is actual
  14. Yes, thanks for that. Most useful. Am not utter halfwit. The financial side is covered - it is the weighing up of risk of planning proposal ever going ahead and likelihood of value plummeting am asking input.
  15. Hi - we want more space!! Now have two kids & associated 'stuff'. Eldest starting school next Sept. Have found a house - 80's, almost an acre, needs complete modernisation and a bit of enlarging (great potential) but otherwise very tidy. Asking price £595. We can go to around 90% of that. South Cambs. Been on market 4 months. One offer at 570 but relied on a house sale that didn't happen/drop in their asking price. Would be ideal place to bring up our little ones. All other places not totally mediocre are 650+. One major spanner - have just discovered a proposal 'under consultation' for
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