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  1. Being discussed on the Wright Stuff as i type this, and who is one of the guests? Rosie Millard. Edit: They spoke about it for 20 seconds and the Millard never spoke once. Cheryl Cole not being on the X-Factor panel was given more time, even though the panel said they didn't care. Says it all really.
  2. The difference is that the Tories are malicious whereas Labour are simply incompetent.
  3. He does look like the illegitimate son of Bob Geldof though.
  4. Ooooh, this Ferguson chap has some nice facts and figures. Sadly, Dumbledore has moved along swiftly as usual.
  5. Are we starting to get a more balanced audience? Beaker laid into the previous Labour government and the audience whooped it up.
  6. The [email protected] are seeing through Jack boots. http://twitter.com/search?q=Jacqui%20Smith
  7. Seen as the thread has taken a left turn Clyde, this link seems relevant. Multi kutural innit
  8. Magistrates prove how F*****G useless they are I think we should all have a whip around to help poor Wajeed to pay these high fines.
  9. Another reason for the drop in sales could be that the Education sector is not only having to cut back on spending, but a lot of schools have realised that netbooks are not capable of doing what they thought they could. If you want to know who is buying all the Ipod Touches and Ipads, then look to the education sector.
  10. Well I imagine that Question Time is going to frustrate the @rse veins off of us all tomorrow night.
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