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  1. Cryptocurrency fireworks today. Both BTC and Eth are surging on the back of the bitcoin reward halving and china capital flight. Even Brexit is helping as the pound falls. The upshot of which is my gambled £1000 is now worth about 7000
  2. The reasons teachers are: Constant Ofsted inspections & internal lesson observations (Teachers are made to feel like failures if they don't get 'outstanding') Constant curriculum change Constant criticism and lack of respect (from government & parents not just pupils) Lack of autonomy in classroom Management cares about metrics not children. Overwork (mainly bureaucracy, filling in spreadsheets with arbitrary and largely meaningless levels & faking lessons plans ect) Bad management & internal politics (Because heads are now like corrupt CEOs cheating to get outstanding Ofsted reports so they can make money as consultants or as Superheads) Bad Terms and conditions (especially in Academies) They are forced to concentrate on literacy & maths so both teachers and pupils are bored leading to behavioral issues. Classrooms are more diverse in terms of levels so harder to teach (Due to increased English as second language and children with emotional behavioural issues) Feedback effects of high staff turnover (they are no longer friends with their co-workers because they change so frequently)
  3. $1.7 when I first bought in now it is trading at $6 enjoying the ride so far.
  4. Though more luck than judgement it has doubled since I bought making it the number 2 in terms of market cap (though actually buying some was quite difficult and a lesson in all kinds of complex (set up paper wallet on computer disconnected from internet) then (Exchange -> Bitcoin -> Shapeshift -> Eth) I was tempted to take out my original £1000 so as to be risk free from now on in but since the whole point is to gamble I've decided just let in run. I think it's rise may have rattled a few cages in bitcoin land so we could be seeing a mass migration.
  5. Thanks, I might treat it like a junior miner / oil explorer and stick in £1000 but no more. The idea being that I don't really care if I lose it and if it goes to £1000/Eth then I've won the lottery.
  6. I knew about bitcoin when it was £4 but due to my risk aversion dismissed it and didn't invest. Now I'm about Ethereum as a kind of bitcoin 2.0 and it seems to be climbing at 10% a day with plenty of room to grow if it becomes the next bitcoin. I don't want to miss the boat again but then also don't want to risk £s if it turns out to be a scam.What do you guys think of it? How do you invest from the UK as there doesn't seem to be an cryptocurrency exchange that sells Ether and takes pounds?
  7. Is this about care or about propping up house prices? Surely the solution is for loans to be secured against people's houses and paid off through selling the house when they and their partner die or move into permanent residential care an hence by definition don't need their house anymore. Why is this so unthinkable?
  8. As I've oft said elsewhere the BOE monetary policy committee's remit is (1) To control inflation (2) Subject to achieving 1 support economic growth and employment If any member of the MPC is considers things like debt or the sustainability of the banking system to be more important than controlling inflation then they are no longer fulfilling their remit. Is there some legal process we can go through to get the MPC removed?
  9. Does anyone know what is meant by 'public sector land banks'?
  10. On the principle that the government hates savers this is my time line (1) May: Ns&I linkers terms and conditions are changed to (no early withdrawal) (2) August: BOE decides to raise rates by shock 1=0.5% (4) September: BOE decides to raise rates by shock 1% .... But if (1) doesn't happen then inflation will continue to soar ... So I'm thinking pile in.... 15k both 3y &5y terms
  11. From sky news... that will be the firm that private eye calls Crapita for it's record of failures and bad advice
  12. Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain court transcripts i.e. to find out what the bankers contracts actually say?
  13. Rather hypocritical of Labour but none the less it could be interesting from an interest rates and HPC perspective if inflation becomes the new hot political topic. full article(spectator) vs full article (new statesman)
  14. Charted the price of failure i.e. CPI if BOE had stuck to their remit vs actual CPI - it is not as bad as I expected.
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