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  1. I guess it all depends if of how long we want to live in the house, in our case it will be 10y minimum.. But looking at the inflation, a house sold 250k in 2001 should be around 305k in 2011. Problem is, I understand renting if the mortgage will cost me twice than to rent. But in that case the mortgage will be 200 pounds more expensive than renting..
  2. Even if zoopla and mouseprice estimate the house at 370k?
  3. Are you looking to the Current home values from Zoopla.co.uk? Is that realistic?
  4. I forgot to mentioned that the one which sold for 472k in 2008 was sold in 1999 for £171,000 without the extension of course!
  5. The one we want to buy had been sold for 250k in 2001 and one of the next-door which has south facing garden and I guess the inside was nicer (ie no need of redecoration and not previously rented) was sold in 2006 for £305500. Another one was sold in 2008 for £472,500, which is bigger (I will say of 2 big beds including ensuite), the house has an extra extension, nicer and bigger garden and further far away from the garage repair..basically that house is facing a play area/park.
  6. Hello We are going to see a house which came on the market a week ago. We are first time buyers, renting so nothing to sell, and if we like the house, keen to move end of August on it if everything is sorted(surveys, solicitor, mortgage (which has been pre approved for the amount we want to borrow). It's a good size 4 beds detached house close to a good primary school. I believe we are in a good position? Now if we like the house I would like to get 10% off the house (asking price 350k) do you think it's reasonable? Because the house came on the market only a week ago I was thinking to use the fact the house got the garden north facing, the 1st floor hasn't double glazing and the house needs to be redecorated (was rented previously), I will say to a good standard replacing bathroom + kitchen + painting + windows : 15k to spend on it... But no need to do any extension etc etc and we can live on it for the time being. Also near the house there is a sort of garage repair, which could bring potential noise.. Do you think we could use these facts to get the price down? Are they valid? Thanks
  7. Hi On the Property register of the house we are planning to buy I have the below: "" "2 (16.12.2004) The land has the benefit of the following rights granted by the Conveyance dated 16 May 1955 referred to in the Charges Register:- "TOGETHER with the right of way for all purposes for which the same may lawfully be used over the land coloured Brown on the said plan and TOGETHER ALSO with the right to instal and maintain thereunder all such pipes wires and other apparatus as shall be necessary to enable a supply of water and electricity to be given to the land hereby conveyed AND TOGETHER ALSO with a right of way for all purposes for which the same may be lawfully used over the roadway coloured Yellow on the said plan the Purchaser paying a fair proportion of the cost of maintaining the same until the same shall be taken over by the Local Authority" NOTE: The roadway coloured brown and yellow referred to is that part of cross Lane leading from the land in this title into loir Road. "" What does that exactly mean? I have Water and electricity pipes coming underground in my garden and I have to pay for maintenance? Seems bizarre? Also I read often that doing a full structural survey ends up often useless.. is that really true? I mean are they not able to get a proper report on the foundations, walls, roof, ceiling, floor etc etc.. Thanks in advance for your help
  8. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/What-estate-agent-REALLY-yahoofinanceuk-2105294876.html Estate agents always feature high up on the list of 'least trusted professions' which appears every year or so. Some people, it seems, even trust them less than they trust us hacks. But at least writers say it as we see it… I think much of estate agents' poor reputation comes from the way they try and bamboozle us with property descriptions. So, if you're currently trying to work out what estate agents say and what they actually mean, here's an A to Z of popular terms and their true meanings: Borders: As in 'Dulwich borders' or 'Blackheath borders' in London. Basically a rather loose term to describe anywhere within a 10-mile radius of somewhere half decent. Charming: Another word for small, pokey or tiny. Community feel: The neighbours have had to get together to do something about crime levels. 'Community' can also indicate the presence of a busybody who will monitor your every move and report back to the neighbours regarding the number of visitors of the opposite sex you have. Compact: You can cook the dinner while you're in the shower without losing sight of the TV. Convenient for: A somewhat misleading description that could mean anything. 'Convenient for local amenities' usually means it's not far from the shops -- if you have a car. 'Convenient for transport links' tends to mean the house vibrates whenever a bus goes past or that the A2 actually touches the end of the garden. Deceptively spacious: You have been deceived if you consider this spacious. Garden flat: A dodgy dark basement with a small piece of concrete outside. Alternatively, the ground floor in a block of flats with a shared garden. Your neighbours will spend most of their time having BBQs right outside your bedroom window. Good use of space: There's no room for the fridge in the kitchen so it's in the living room while the washing machine is in the bathroom. It might also have something strange like a bedroom leading off another bedroom. Ideal for investors: You wouldn't want to live there yourself but some desperate renters will probably go for it. Near local nightlife: Don't expect to get to sleep until the clubs have shut and be ready to clear the takeaway wrappers from the front garden each morning. Original features: No work whatsoever has ever been done on this property since it was built in the early 1900s. Potential: Ideal for a DIY enthusiast with lots of time and money on their hands who doesn't mind living in a dump. Quiet neighbourhood: Your neighbours will object to you starting your car before 8am or having more than two visitors at a time. Sought-after location: You'll be gazumped at the last minute by a money-grabbing capitalist landlord. Up—and-coming area: Presently down and out — it can only get better. Updating: Interchangeable with 'modernising". If a property needs either updating or modernising it generally needs knocking down and starting again. Viewing recommended: There's nothing good to say about it but if you see the inside and use your imagination there's a slim chance you might like it a little bit. Village: Could mean one of two things. Either it's nothing like a village but there are one or two independent shops or cafes which give it a 'village' feel or it's a ghost town where everyone stops speaking when a stranger enters the local pub. West: (also East, South, North). Used when the property's in an undesirable area but not far from somewhere not too bad, e.g. London's Battersea could be East Chelsea.
  9. I imagine he is stumped as to why prospective buyers haven't be bowled over by the place.
  10. Depends, if he did paid the stamp duty , and did some stuff in the house, he might has lost more than 10k... And now if he has to sell, paying fees will cost him money anyway
  11. only things that I know is u shouldn't borrow more than 4 times ur salary.. After it's just Math.. Also how much these country is in debt? How much interest does the country have to pay to borrow.. Looking to countries which are healthier u can clearly see, there is something wrong.. I can't wait to see all morons to realise they bought a house (sorry,not a house, not a home, an Investment) they won't be able to sale... Happy repo Anyway in any case house price will always go up....but until when?
  12. Yeah good... she shouldn't buy it at the first place.. Mummy and daddy might have to pay her mess.. In France u cannot go bankrupt as easy than in uk coz most of the time u must to have the name of an other person in case u can't repay ur mortgage.. Which tends to bring morons more realistic..
  13. Again people need to stop to refer to the players in that insane house price bubble.. If Brown and Banks had been more vigilant and less stupid (not sure that's possible) the housing market wouldn't be like it is.. I think if u really need to find the pig u need to turn on the labour and banks as they created that mess and can't bother to clean up.. I watched property ladder and it's not for that I went to borrow 10 times my salary to go on the ladder.. In any case, don 't worry about the morons who borrowed too much, soon we will see plenty of repo..
  14. don't be confused between homeowner and loanowner.. i won't qualify a loanowner of "good person who is successful" as most of rhem won't be able to pay their mortgage.. however if you rent and able to save couple of cash by month ie more than 1000 u might end up with a better mortgage.
  15. Depending what u call a bargain? Lot of sheeples bought dump houses.. Since i am living in uk i haven't seen yet a bargain because i guess we haven't the same definition of what should be a HOME...
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