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    heavy metal music.<br />I am a headbanger at heart<br />Chelsea football club &<br />the arrest of Tony Blair
  1. URGENT BUYER REQUIRED FOR THIS NO MONEY DOWN DEAL 3 bedroom Bungalow Semi-detached in barnsley, south yorkshire, S73 9HU Market Value: £140,000 Purchase Price: £101,000 NO MONEY DOWN DEAL - Just £500 reservation fee to pay (fully refundable if youur deal does not complete) Cliff Drive, Darfield, S73 9HU 3 bedroom semi-detached bungalow, vacant possession sale PP £101,000 (28% bmv) MV £140,000 MR £450 confirmed by local letting agent ** £39,000 of equity from day one ** NO MONEY DOWN! £105,000 debt costs £411pcm = £39pcm cashflow Sold Price Comparables: For sale on Rightmove, £165,000 3-bed bungalow, http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-25543856.html Letting comparables: Local rent £450pcm confirmed by local letting agent Please note: Urgent End Buyer Required as seller has found new property to buy. To purchase this property you must be eligible for a standard eligible buy-to-let mortgage. To reserve this property email [email protected] with your contact telephone number. Your Property Network Ltd Green Park Offices James St West, Bath BA1 2BU GB
  2. So, fellow seditionaries. I ask you to join me on June 1st 2009 at 9am outside the gates of Parliament to do your duty as an English Citizen (law only applies in England) and perform the arrest of those MPs who have admitted their guilt by repaying their thefts. You may use reasonable force. Before you think "I can't do that!", may I remind you that you can and SHOULD. It is OUR Parliament and they are self confessed thieves. 1st June 2009. 9am. House of Commons. Bring cameras A list of the documented guilty is being prepared. I will issue citizens arrest warrants on each and every one of them when GOT has the time to do me a funky graphic. GOT = Grumpy Old twit
  3. I would expect Nick Clegg (LibDems) to go in heavy on the expenses issue. David Cameron will probably waffle on about"Boom and Bust"
  4. Courtesy of Guido Fawkes +++ HMRC Official : MPs Will Be Investigated +++ Benefits in kind going undeclared and flipping primary residences to evade capital gains taxes will now be investigated according to a statement released by HM Revenue Commissioners. Listening to the politicians who lecture us on redistribution and tell us “it is right that those who have more, pay more” explain why they evaded capital gains taxes is going to be fun. Fun for Guido at least. In fact it is like all Guido’s Christmases have come at once. Smeargate and the total exposure of the reality of politician’s troughing, venality and lack of integrity is everything Guido has ever wanted. Finally, after four hundred and four years, the torture of the original Guido Fawkes is being avenged without resort to the rack. When they start jailing politicians old Guy will have been completely avenged.
  5. I managed to fill up another wanted poster (V2.0) full of the bastards. Everyone please feel free to cut and paste it anywhere you like. Wanted Poster Version 2.0 - Cabinet Crooks
  6. I rather like THIS idea: http://www.itpro.co.uk/blogs/daveyw/2009/0...email-campaign/ If it went viral it might actually have an effect.
  7. Gordon Brown new speech re: MPs expenses scandal… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsHzz0QnxUA...feature=related
  8. The main petition: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/please-go/ is now the 25th most signed of all time. THis one: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/smithshame/ asking for the departure of Jacqboots could do with your help as well
  9. weird YouTube video diktat (have you seen the mash-up? http://ow.ly/4dPT ),
  10. Here is a list of those Labour MP's who defied Gordon Brown and voted with the Conservatives and LibDems The Labour rebels: Dianne Abbott Ian Cawsey Harry Cohen Jeremy Corbyn Paul Farrelly Mark Fisher Neil Gerrard Kate Hoey Kelvin Hopkins Joan Humble Glenda Jackson John McDonnell Shona McIsaac Andrew Macinlay Gordon Marsden Bob Marshall Andrews Julie Morgan Nick Palmer Stephen Pound Nick Rainsford Andy Reed Linda Riordan Alan Simpson Andrew Smith Paul Truswell Keith Vaz Robert Wareing Mike Wood Thank you
  11. Why not let Gordon know that he's made number 1..... Telephone 020 7930 4433 Fax 0207925 0918
  12. Hope that the link works because the techno version of the you tube video is excellent ! Fraser Nelson sticks the boot in too: http://www.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/356...deo-nasty.thtml
  13. Not a good week for Gordon Brown This from Young Conservatives The Libertarian Party UK (LPUK) have a quirky campaign going in response to last week’s savage work and aspiration-taxing Budget. They’re calling on activists to post Gordon your used shirts - because his fiscal mismanagement is taking the shirt’s off the backs of every Briton. Shirts should be sent to : Gordon Brown 10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA If you do take part be sure to send us a snap of your parcel before you post it. The last thing New Labour needs is a laundering scandal!
  14. I’ve just realised what Gordo’s weird “shoulder swaying” movement, in the Notorious Expenses Video, now reminds me of. (the eerie socialist shoulder-shuddering occurs about halfway through) He looks like one of those burlesque dancers in a Wild West saloon, at the end of her strip, who bends forward to “twirl” the tassels on the ends of her nipples, by making her hooters go up and down, and maybe left to right. This is the only explanation for this otherwise inexplicable movement. In the privacy of his own home, Gordon likes to relax by getting topless and attaching shiny tinsel to his nipples. Then he bounces around the kitchen shaking his shoulders, so his prime ministerial manboobs go up and down - and left to right - and the tinsel goes twirly. No doubt this is the cause of much amused laughter from Sarah, and the Number 10 staff, and various aides and passing EU ambassadors. So why repeat it? I reckon this “twirly time” must be a cherished moment of intimacy for the Browns, so the prime minister unconsciously reenacts the happy memory during times of stress, as a kind of Freudian defence. It all - suddenly - makes sense
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