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  1. I'm with you Simon - you've got to live your life rather than living life worrying about tomorrow. We'll be in it for 20 years, it's affordable, it's a desirable area with limited properties available. All in all, it's as safe a purchase as I can find right now - more importantly, it's what my family needs. I'm not, and never have been, one to rent..... Protect yourself as much as you can (sensible deposits etc), buy something which is a home rather than a house and it'll all be fine I'm sure..... (And yes, I'm expecting to see a dip in the value too) JG.
  2. No, not that one. This one has been in the hands of the current vendor for 20+ years. Glad you're sorted though - sounds like a pretty good mortgage you've got..... JG
  3. It's not on the market but it's on the front, on King. Rd. Not the one that has a sold sign up! Good luck with the offer!
  4. How did it go? Ours is only round the corner from that one.....
  5. We got lucky in so far as it's all about timing - right house for us (4 beds, although there is a bedroom downstairs and above the garage - the vendor is a builder!), at a price we're happy with and a timescale which suits. About as spot on as it gets really. Just about financing the deal efficiently now. One on Thornwick being the new one?
  6. Care to point it out to us? I imagine not but I'm intrigued! Our deal is in the hands of the financial advisor who is dealing with our mortgage provider as we're looking to port the deal we've got currently. We got lucky - this one isnt on the market either and we're buying from a family contact. JG.
  7. No, not that one. This is a genuine "4 bedder". I've got everything crossed Keep us posted on yours Si!
  8. Hi both, It looks like we're snared one! Genuine 4 bed in Willerby, double garage, semi (end of it's block so garden big). Just looking at mortgages and trying to work out whether a tracker or fixed is the way forward. This is a home for us for 10 years minimum, so happy with the price and even if prices drop, it's not going to impact us given we dont need to sell it. Fingers crossed we can sort the mortgage out....
  9. It's really scare - and lots of properties on the market at 100+ weeks according to PropertyBee! *sigh* Email me - jghull[at]live dot co dot uk
  10. Should also add that I'm finding the whole thing more than a little soul destroying - seems the same houses keep appearing in my inbox.....
  11. A couple on Carr Lane amongst others - can you PM on here? I'll send you some RightMove links!
  12. Hello! New poster here - also looking in Willerby/Kirkella (3, maybe 4 bed) but finding that not only is the market incredibly stagnant, but that prices still seem at the steep end! Anyone else still looking? JG
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