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  1. I'd know him fairly well. Why?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I was thinking on getting a ground investigation report done before making an offer, but don’t want to be spending a lot of money if I don’t end up taking the site. I spoke to the owner in June and she wanted £95K for the site. I told her she was mad and £55K would be more than enough. She called me in January asking if I was still interested. I never said yes or no.
  3. Hi, Looking for your opinions. I am thinking on buying a building site which is located where I always wanted to live. I know there’s only one way house / land prices are going to go after 6th May, but I will be getting married next year and would ideally like my house to be close to complete by the time of my wedding. There are two possible sites. 1) Like where the site is located, really like the plans for the house which is passed. The site is close to 1 acre in size. But I think the land is pretty soft, and would more than likely need piled foundations. 2) Like where the site is located. Like the plans for the house that is passed (but prefer first house). 0.5 acre in size. Good firm land. The two sites would be selling for the around the same price, but I would honestly prefer the first site. I suppose my questions are: Would anyone advise or advise against buying a site which has poor(ish) land? How much additional would piling cost? How much roughly do you think is a suitable price for a site? I have the cash to buy the site. Does anyone know how much tax the owner must pay when they sell a site? Thanks for your opinions. John
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