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  1. How many MPs rent off other MPs? Since the expenses scandal tried to stop MPs getting a house bought by taxpayers, I am sure some just rented their London places to each other, claiming the rent on expenses of course! So we are still buying the house, but they are living in a different one - that we are also probably buying as well
  2. car sales are surely driven (see what I did there?) by availability and cost of finance It has been pointed out by several commentators in the US that the percentage of auto loans that are classed at subprime are now higher than they were in 2007 and that the $ value of loans isn't far behind the peak lending rate Here in the UK I have two cars on lease, one taken out in October 2014 and the other in December 2014. They are on lease because that was far and away the cheapest way to own these cars for 2 years (my preference). In terms of credit checks, none show on my credit file for either car. Both are financed by the manufacturer's captive finance company and (I repeat) neither has been seen to conduct a credit check on me prior to authorising the lease. In the case of the latter lease (which I did at a Dealership in person), the sales guy, half jokingly, said that if my debit card payment for the application fee went through, that would do. The application fee? £99
  3. +1 If the increased IHT threshold is to enable wealth to be handed down to the next generation, then there is no place for singling out a house as a special asset worthy of special treatment By all means increase the threshold to £1m, but treat a £1m share portfolio in exactly the same way as a £1m house
  4. Not one that I had seen before - elite investor club But, the moment you click on the portfolio tab, all becomes clear - its another property club Are these still viable - haven't enough people been put off yet? http://www.eliteinvestorclub.com/portfolio/
  5. Last time I investigated (on cocoa), fairtrade was anything but fair to the people at the producer end of the supply chain and I have never thought of it in a positive light since. I actively avoid fairtrade products Not that you should, but I do
  6. It is probably best that you totally ignore this and all their other quarterly reviews and outlooks then
  7. here is one in Warwickshire for a more moderate 19 cars http://planningdocuments.warwickdc.gov.uk/online-applications/files/E498DB22E63441AE935308249994AF4A/pdf/W_12_1436-Lower_ground_floor-560157.pdf
  8. Indeed, it isn't my place to advise or try to put her off moving - she is more than capable of making her own decisions I can offer some thought provoking comments based on my beliefs about the market but, ultimately, it has to be her decision Advising someone not to buy over the last 14 years would have been very bad advice in reality, even though the arguments would have been almost as sound as they are today
  9. was speaking to a friend who is ready to move (up the ladder) in and around GU7 very excited by the 2% monthly increase and 8.5% annual increase I asked her how many people she knew that had received either an 8.5% annual pay increase in the last year or, more specifically, a 2% monthly pay increase since xmas I don't think the penny dropped, but I sensed that it might, at least, have moved a bit closer to the slot...
  10. isn't a supermarket run a bit like a bank run, but slower? as more people stop going, the stores feel empty, the staff get disheartened and the service gets crapper and so more people stop going and, on the other side of the street, the Aldi staff are smiling and rejoicing in bonuses as their store hits another new record and that makes it a nicer place to shop, so more people abandon tesco for Aldi etc. And then suppliers start to get brave and see that they suddenly have a little bit more power in the relationship with tesco - just enough to say no to a couple of things in preference to doing something with Aldi ... ...
  11. not for many tens of pence yet surely 160 as mentioned by killer bunny seems a reasonable target for now, but that needn't be the end of it I'd rather buy at 170 on the way back up than 160 still on the way down
  12. Buy Copper 3.00 today, double bottom territory on the daily chart according to someone on my twitter I won't be, but I can see the sense in the call
  13. silver is an interesting chart lowest since march 2010 a lot of holders will be shaken by 11 out of the last 12 weeks being negative stop loss triggers could indeed be hit price could go anywhere from here in my amateur readings of the chart, $16 is more significant that $17 and might come sooner than some expect agree with posters above that $1180 remains the key number to watch on gold I am sitting on my hands as far as PMs are concerned just now I have, however, taken a small short on the SPX500 today.
  14. would it be wrong to offer to add a few more quid into Fergus' proposed 'one round bare knuckle fight' prize fund in order to tempt the estate agent to participate?
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