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  1. I think we'll see a 'significant' fall beginning towards the end of the year, when it becomes 'wholly' apparant that this economic wizardry & stock market alchemy is a mere 'charade' and the entire system begins to buckle underneath the overbearing pack of cards that it is! I'm sure we'll see the beginnings of a major % fall in HPs and rightly so its just been & continues to be absolute insanity as if this is / was some form of 'bedrock' for sustainable economics, what has taken place is because society at large has believed the 'get rich quick mantra' spouted by VI experts & now
  2. Agreed! Well i'm sure the printing presses are well and truly oiled and raring to go again. Surely a new word will be made up in the coming weeks to define the new debt we're in. Pauses for a moment, realises that we're all spinning on a blue planet in a black void of immense & expanding space and time a realises that all this is just an illusionary distraction...
  3. Just a comment to highlight the ridiculous amount of coverage Gordon Brown is getting on the BBC. Also the staged stooge questions and the biased 'favourable' commentary he seems to be getting - or is this just me? This is nothing more than window dressing, pathetic. I am just amazed that we are staring at a blaze that confronts us and some/many people are seriously considering re-electing this arsonist and his cronies. They / he will hide away the tinderbox and matches guaranteed if they get back in and bury the 'truth'. The scaremongering tactics, fear based propaganda & now 'tactical
  4. hello y'all ok, i've been sharing my time between USA and UK over the past 12 months and i can tell you that the ol'usa is well and truly under the kosh! The prices of properties over there has & is collapsing daily significantly this is even in 'high demand' LA (no matter what the 'hot guff' VI's tell you), the main difference i see from there to here is this - they're biting the bullet, tightening belts and accepting facts - here its the same Ostrich Economics thats been bandied about for years and Brown et al want us to believe that its all going to be ok! This is from the man that prec
  5. agreed on this point... Brown is probably now planning his get away, unless that they get 're-elected' heaven forbid so they can 'hide' this for another period - they're all as bad to be honest, a damn good pruning, a brazillian of the entire system, root & branch shake up of the uk, economic and political system is waaaay overdue - fear not the future, fear these numbskulls carrying & pedalling on the same bandwagon rhetoric & policies...
  6. Cannot agree more with this post. It really does pi$$ one off when you work alongside these overpaid, sheltered pen pushers that just want to keep things ceteris paribus and obviously in their eyes rightly & justifiably so. But the public sector has just become so massive, so self serving and so out of touch, its time for a trimming - nay a brazillian!
  7. After working with the public sector for a number of years, knowing a number of people that work for the public sector in various capacities, its time that 'reality' was brought into the public sector. I don't wish unemployment upon anybody, but the world in which they live, operate, timescales, safeguarded pensions and approach is like pure 'alice in wonderland'. They just spend aimlessly, jusify their own existences and don't get me started on business link - what an absolute joke and waste of money. If a correct public system was put in place with efficient, free-thinking public sector wor
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