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  1. I use the shower test (for guys). In the shower, when you look down and can only see the edge of your stomach (and no d*ck) then you might be a little overweight.
  2. No. Not if the government allows cashed-up foreign buyers to mop up all the boomers' houses.
  3. Looks like the US has the Germans over a beer barrel and will make them squirm until they give in to US demands (which we will not know about, but there is a US Presidential election looming, so there will be something useful to come out of this for the American, who are not stupid).
  4. The smart employees probably left Deutsche Bank some time ago. These 18,000 may not be the cream of the crop. Good luck to them.
  5. The purpose of the HR Department is to protect the company from its employees.
  6. When Nixon and Kissenger rehabilitated China and opened up the US market to Chinese products, what did the US think a newly rich and powerful China would do? Not buy foreign assets? On the other hand, is the world a safer place with a rich China or a poor and hungry one?
  7. And the sweeter your tea, the lower your social class.
  8. You know you're a redneck when you think a Volvo is part of a woman's anatomy.
  9. Truer words have never been spoken. For heaven's sake, is this story by "Liam" even true? Seems hard too believe that he could not see what was happening to his financial situation. Did his father never give him that story about how Great Uncle Alf lost his house when the bank forclosed in 1933?
  10. I don't speak Chinese but I do recognize two of the characters (also used in Japanese) as meaning "noodle soup." Tattoos and body piercings... why make it easier for the authorities to recognize you?
  11. "You search for perfection but all that is required is mediocrity." Perfection is the enemy of good enough. Try to live a life that is "good enough". That's enough for any man, surely...
  12. If you look at the 10-year chart, prices have been rising steadily since 2009. The Dow could drop back to around 14,000 and it would just be a return to the norm. If it fell below 10,000, I might raise an eyebrow.
  13. It's not poverty per se which is the problem, but the life decisions that lead to the condition of poverty. Poverty is the symptom; bad life choices stemming from low cognitive ability are the disease.
  14. The crowding hasn't changed, but the cost and reliability of the guard-gate systems has improved to the point where their installation is not so much of a barrier (pardon the pun) as it used to be. Plus, once one underground railway line gets safety gates, then all the other companies want to install them too.
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