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  1. There are lots of on-line "depression diagnosis" questionnaires. If anyone actually has depression and has taken one of these "tests", do you think that they are accurate? Or is every case of depression unique and tragic in its own way?
  2. The summers in Auckland are warm and wettish. We have maritime weather. Mild but unpredicable more than a couple of days out. Winters are cool and wet. Think of Wales but 5 degrees C warmer. We hardly ever get a frosty morning here, close to the see, but the sea breeze is common most days. In summer it doesn't get above around 28 C on a hot day. In short, no tornadoes or hurricanes. No earthquakes in Auckland. The weather is mild but unpredicable. House prices are absolutely stupid. Interest rates a dropping. Immigration will rise as soon as this Covid-19 thing blows over. Foreign-
  3. Further south than any of you lot. (In Auckland, New Zealand.)
  4. Wishing death on people who do not agree with you is not the same as wishing death on people whom you believe* to be guilty of criminal attrocities. * People should be considered innocent until found guilty in a court of law.
  5. I like the way that Trump speaks his mind. His banning of Critical Race Theory courses in State-funded entities is a good move. Now that Trump is reported to have caught the coronavirus, many on the left are stating that they want him to die. Wishing death on people who do not agree with you is the mark of the fanatic. Maybe the right are more civil or more tactful...
  6. Critical Race Theory is a toxic, authoritarian and totalitarian ideology. Here's a cut-and-paste that I have stolen. I applaud Trump for standing up to it. Why won't the British PM do the same? Critical Race Theory… believes racism is present in every aspect of life, every relationship, and every interaction and therefore has its advocates look for it everywhere relies upon “interest convergence” (white people only give black people opportunities and freedoms when it is also in their own interests) and therefore doesn’t trust any attempt to make racism better
  7. President Trumphas banned any training within the federal government related to critical race theory, calling it “anti-American propaganda. Excellent. A nation divided cannot stand.
  8. Immigration is a balancing act. Too much and you flush away your native culture. Too little and you begin to fear and loathe the unknown and the unfamiliar. Immigration should be such that benefits the host nation in the long run. Immigration must have the support of the natives, otherwise you get ghettos and enclaves forming even more easily than they might otherwise form. It is human nature for birds of a feather to flock together, but if you really don't like the culture of your host country, then why are you here? (Other than for short-term financial gain (in the case of UK ex-pats working
  9. Yes. You are right. I am painting a black-and-white picture to make my point. An immigrant will always bring changes to his host country. It is the role of healthy society to discuss these changes and to decide what it will adopt and what it will reject.
  10. Do you want immigrants or colonists? An immigrant comes to your country to escape from the problems of his old country. He is willing to learn a new language and to become like you. A colonist comes to your country (and will send back to the old country for a wife), expects to live with others from his old country, expects you to learn his language and customs and to become like him.
  11. What kind of black-market skills do you have? Can you do household repair jobs (fixing decks, small painting jobs, gardening, etc.) for cash? Most tradesmen I know tell me that they have never been so busy as after they retire. If you are a vanilla-type generic office worker or client hand-holder, you can always learn some cash-earning skills and work on the side part time. You are going to get bored sitting at home all the time. If you only spend money on basic essentials (as opposed to buying collectable stuff, purchasing luxury items, or wining/dining/travelling), then you should
  12. Good question. Who do you trust? Your own nation's government? (New Zealand) An allied nation's government? (Australia) A neutral nation's government? (Switzerland or Denmark) A non-friendly nation's government? (Turkey or Russia?) An un-affiliated medical blogger who is not in the pockets of the pharmaceutical giants? Indeed. Who to choose? I'll go with my own nation, since I can rely on them for welfare if the vacine turns out to have side effects. On the other hand, I despise the NZ Labour government (elitist trust-fund babies that most of them are). I don't think that ther
  13. I'll take the vaccine when it's safe. Not when it's available.
  14. How well does a face mask work? https://twitter.com/mcb1332/status/1293581041869955078?s=21
  15. The air-brushing, censorship, and editing of history is not a good thing. It reminds me of an old joke. An American and a Soviet Russian were having lunch together. The American comments, "in my country, the past is known but the future is unknown." The Soviet replies, "Comrade, in my country it is the opposite."
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