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  1. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Renting isn't for the feint hearted is it?! Despite our LA saying that our credit check payment would take the property off the market, it still hasn't happened. The LL is emigrating and initially wanted to sell but as it's getting close to when they go and they haven't found a buyer, yet, I guess they thought they need to cover things by finding a tenant but still keeping the house on the market just in case it sells in the next 2 months. In which case, we may well be homeless if our current LL has sold this house by then and the potentially new LL sells his at the last minute too :angry: What happened to my tenants' right of quiet enjoyment? I'm definitely stressed out, no peace and quiet here, off to tidy up for yet another viewing........
  2. We've thankfully, after 4 months, found another house to rent in our town and it's gorgeous We have paid the credit check fee and were told this would take it off the market, this was on Wednesday but it's still on the market today (Saturday) but with a different agent to who were renting it from and also on Rightmove. I was wondering if it is legal to do this, agree to rent a house but keep it on the market just in case it sells first? It shouldn't be if it is! Thanks in advance Star -x-
  3. Our LL has put our house on the market, he hasn't had any offers as yet and has issued another S21 giving us another 'safe' 2 months here. Through the same LA we have found another house to rent in the next town, 2 miles away. We would much prefer to stay in this town however, there is nothing available to rent with more than 2beds and there's 5 of us. However we really like the new house and have told the LA we want to rent it but we also want to keep this place on as long as possible as we have to apply for our sons middle school in October and are worried that if we don't have an address in the catchment area (despite him already attending one of the feeder schools) that he may not get a place there. This has so happened at the wrong time. The LA today told us that once the credit check is cleared, in order to proceed with the rental of the new place we HAVE to give notice to our current LL. I was just wondering if this is just something that they're saying as they know our situation and have probably pre-empted us using the new rental as a bit of a back up plan, or whether you just can't rent two houses by law? Thanks in advance for your advice Star
  4. They've put it in the safe ready for us to come and collect it I was very impressed with them as they asked me when we wanted to collect it before I'd had chance to ask about it!
  5. Farcical, thank you and I'm sorry to hear you're going through the same thing too. bug09, thanks for the info - that's interesting and something I hadn't thought of. We decided to have a look at a place we found in the next village meaning 12 miles a day on the school run going up to 18miles once the little one starts pre-school soon. The house was nice, wasn't keen on the location wedged between two main roads but we thought we'd go for it anyway. Got all the forms, paid the money for the credit search and the EA called today to say the LL's situation has changed and he needs to move back in! I actually feel relieved, as to be honest, I wasn't keen on moving there, just thought it would have been the sensible thing to do but since the decision has been taken out of my hands I'm much happier, although still have the original problem of our current house being on the market. It's going to be an interesting few months ahead!
  6. Well the house is going on the market in a couple of days ( Feeling a little worried as there is absolutely nothing suitable for us to rent in the town we live. There's 5 of us and only 2 bed houses/apartments available at the moment. I did call about a house in the next village but it's already been let, I hate when the EA leave them on their websites knowing full well they're gone. Guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed the LL can't sell until we find something. Not quite sure what we'll do, guess it will mean either renting further afield and having to travel for the school run or maybe even buying now which we don't want to do yet, still convinced the prices have a good way to drop yet.
  7. Thank you, I'll definitely give the Citizens Advice Bureau a call to see where we stand, then once we know we can speak to the EA. I guess if we decide to stay, we need to find out several things eg what the LL would do if the house sold straight away to a cash buyer once we're past the 2months, would he give us time to find a place or would he expect us out straight away? We're kind of hoping that he's still in the same situation as he was last year when he served the S21 to the previous tennants, they moved out and he couldn't afford to keep it on the market without tennants. I'd be gutted if we signed up to another 6month rental elsewhere just for this to come back on the rental market again and someone else move in! We're so gutted, we have kids at the local school just a few mins walk away and they have made friends with the kids a few doors down. There's nothing available to rent in our town that would accommodate all of us at the mo although we've found a couple in the next village, but this would mean school runs in the car and the kids won't see their friends so often. We do feel very tempted to stay, think there's a good chance it will be on the market for quite some time with the price he's asking - but that's by no means a guarantee. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  8. Hi Everyone Can I ask you wise people some advise please?! We have been renting our house for 8 months and were hoping to stay here for some time yet but have unfortunately been served an S21 as the LL wants to 'try' and sell the house again. I say again as he had it on the market last year, served the tennants an S21, they moved out and he couldn't sell the house and had to put up for rent again which is when we moved in. The EA has told us the LL is happy for us to stay here past the end of the 2months while its on the market. Looking at what happened last year they can't afford for it to be up for sale without tennants, so we were thinking of asking them to reduce the rent if we agree to stay on past our eviction date. Would this be a wise move? Also, we're wondering whether we should request that we have it in writing that he doesn't actually want us out after the 2months? My last question (if you're still with me!) is what rights would we have as tennants once the 2month S21 notice has expired? Many thanks for reading x
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