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  1. yes I think it is happening right now maybe Torry/lib gov is not so bad at all. We will see soon
  2. yes I am afraid u r right here. Fully electronic currency on its way. Forget about cash. Paper many as we now it will no longer exist.
  3. ...at least you got it right. And now what's really on the table: 1. every EU state riot one by one 2. tear gas on the streets and mass pacifications 3. western states unable to bring back law and order are forced to ask USA for help (they already got their bases across Europe) 4. eastern states are invaded (in order to help them of course) by Russian army. 5. WE ARE BACK TO 1945 - JUST IN TIME FOR A FRESH START
  4. ”The euro’s 16 countries have already agreed it - that’s a majority," said a diplomat. "It’s a fait accompli. Those not in the euro - Britain, Poland, Sweden and other new EU members - can’t stop this." WTF? or maybe NWO? I don't believe in conspiracy theories but someone is playing dirty here
  5. EU is a fascist state. It doe's not matter if u r in EuroZone or have your own currency because you going down with us anyway. :angry:
  6. more QE, yeah that's good idea ...but you know what? I remember one financial/political system that just loved to print more money... ..and this is how it ends people:
  7. I understand holidays in Spain will get even more expensive ... ...just like strawberries at Sainsbury's and diesel from uncle Sam and 1000000 other products but what about house prices? Could deflation affect them some anyway?
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