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  1. I know the area well as I went to school nearby. I am near Golders Green and believe me there are not many buyers at anywhere near advertised prices. Only people are professional landlords and immigrants trying to take advantage of weak pound. I have already had the Romanian jipoz tring it on
  2. Gordo's true colors. He loves the Eastern Europeans and the sun tanned brigade. As Nick Robinson just said "white middle class". BNP must be loving it
  3. Send me your details and I will be in touch. username here @hotmail.co.uk if that helps. Thanks
  4. I have a nice house in Golders Green that the Chinese can have for £1.5M cash tomorrow. I will accept US $ no problem at all.
  5. My worry is that because I had the thing on the market with the local agents for so long at a speculative price then they will get me back on the way down. I literally have to get a sale agreed so I can square up my overdraft. I need substantial cash to contest a libel action that has been going on since 2,005. If I lose I may as well give up as the costs against me will be humungous. If i can't get my hands on some cash quickly I can't go to trial and I lose by default. I don't want to stick it on at £1M when I could get maybe £1.3M off same buyer. I am finding it nigh on impossible to get a
  6. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-24830983.html?premiumA=true. Mine is actually on the Finchley Road 2mins from this 1. I would class mine as being better than it. Due to external factors I need to sell very quickly. It's just hard not to get bogged down in estate agent B/S when they say they have cash buyers when they don't. I need a confirmed buyer as I need to borrow money for an upcoming legal action I am on the wrong end of. If I don't sell I could end up having it sold from underneath me for a rep sale.
  7. By London I mean North London and NW at that.
  8. No it's a great thread. I live and work 2 mins from golders Green on the Finchley Road. Its the same as always been for me except for the massive amount of what I would call immigrants. Not being racist but there aint many white faces.
  9. Hope that I am wrong and you are rite mate
  10. I have a shed load of lega expertise acquired by instructing lawyers on a commercial basis from when I was in my twenties. I have even been involved in cases appealed to the Lords. I can't see any way that Goldman can be brought to book in less than five years. It's all very exciting for those who have never had to instruct lawyers to think we are gonna get instant justice. Goldman have the money to play every game in the book.
  11. That's hardly the quality of response that one expects on here. After listening to some much BS from agents I thought that I'd ask for some unbiased advice. To explain a bit more. I have a large family house in excellent order on the Finchley Road. six beds, 4 receps garage loads of off street. I had it on three years ago at £2.4M which was a bit cheeky as I was just hoping someone (probably a dodgy Russian or someone Jewish) would buy it. The agaents at the time told me that it would sell at £1.7M. Anyway to cut it short a bit I need to sell it for at least £1.2M in the next couple of month
  12. Hi all I am in the proccess of selling up for business related reasons in Golders Green. Would be interested to hear from anyone selling or buying in the past few months.
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