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  1. Well yes, particularly at present where they're not allowed so you're only going to get the type of **** who doesn't give a damn about behaving decently anyway on them, which creates rather an observation bias. But this strikes me as yet another case of shouldn't let the fact that some people are arseholes mean that we should treat everyone like a potential arseholes. I'd often prefer to put up with the few of them than live with some of the measures that are supposed to deal with them (frequently by being unacceptably intrusive, and / or assuming guilty until proven innocent, i.e. can't do anything without official permission, and / or assuming everyone acts like a badly-behaved child and should be treated accordingly). The "some don't" is the line people head down when they want to start tracking your car.
  2. Well if that's what Russia thinks the situation is perhaps it had better grow up and retreat, realising at last that Putin's bitten off more than he can chew. Of course that won't happen, he'd far prefer to let many more lives be lost, that's much less important than getting his ego bruised. Anyway "directly involved" would involve servicemen on the ground (or behind the controls of planes). Sounds like more Russian fishing for anything to say other than "we've fvcked up."
  3. Yet you're happy with cheering on wind and solar without knowing whether there'll be enough wind and sun at any particular time to make them useful when we need them?
  4. It's not just a case of paying for it, you need the infrastructure to get it in to your country. The UK has that. Russia can't suddenly magic its gas in to China. Germany can't suddenly import more via other sources when it doesn't have pipelines or ship terminals to receive it. And so on. Agree about being too quick to close other sources, although whether or not it would've been practical to extend Hinkley Point B at this level of notice I don't know; the fault in those decisions really lies well before the current situation started.
  5. It really depends upon the nature of pavement, road, and vehicle. Roads are too full of large, heavy things for escooters (and some bikes come to that). If there's enough pavement space I don't have any problem with an escooter being ridden on the pavement in those circumstances - provided the person riding it is behaving considerately towards everyone else, i.e. not really going all that much faster than people walking (maybe a jogging pace at the most), and is properly looking where they're going. Shouldn't be any worse than a jogger then. It's not practical to have multiple bits of road for multiple forms of transport everywhere, but let's not let a few idiots and rather inflexible legislation get in the way of what should be a decent new way of getting about. Wheelchairs and pushchairs are wheeled ride-on vehicles.
  6. Shortage of property? There's far too much. There's just even more too many people (and BTLers).
  7. The problems we'll face are cost rather than cuts. The UK isn't facing a gas shortage (we're exporting it to Europe, since we've got what were until recently under-used gas LNG terminals and pipelines to Europe), and much of our electricity is generated by gas. AFAICT there's no real risk of that supply faltering. It's the price rather than the volume that's going to hurt.
  8. Do you have an answer to that issue which doesn't result in a continually growing population, and ideally a declining one? Because any answer that doesn't isn't a useful answer. We face a bleaker future if we continue to add in more and more people all the time. You raise genuine problems but your answers are really the equivalent of "people can't afford to buy a house? Make it easier to get in to much more debt!"
  9. What lost generation? Anyway even if you've illustrated a problem there it's very much a lesser evil than the insanity of continuing population growth.
  10. We absolutely do not need to be encouraging more children. The UK desperately needs a smaller population (although not too rapid a drop, since that causes too many problems). Whilst it's hard to think of any ethical way of achieving this if it's not happening anyway if it IS happening it would be the utmost irresponsibility to encourage the opposite.
  11. Some people would use that excuse to claim Russian strategic genius if they were using bows and arrows...
  12. Why do we need to "tackle" it? A birth rate greater than replacement is long-term unsustainable, and we've already got far more people in the UK than's good for it. If the birth rate and death rate are the same (after past trends have shaken themselves out) then the population is stable. If this causes problems then society's got serious underlying problems that need addressing, not kicking the can down the road by building up bigger problems for the future. Saying otherwise is like saying stable house prices are bad. If a country can manage a stable population (and one that can't isn't viable anyway) then it can manage a declining one, as long as the rate isn't too rapid. And that's beneficial overall. If the birth rate is too low then you've got a problem. This isn't the case in the UK. An ageing population is either a temporary issue due to a previous baby boom (and thus is best dealt with by putting up with the downsides for a relatively short-term, rather than using it to create the same problem further down the line), or it's a fundamental outcome of increasing lifespans, in which case it's something we just need to accept and come to terms with as the norm, because there's no "solution" to that which doesn't involve more problems for the future, or reducing lifespans again, and neither of those should be regarded as solutions.
  13. People have also died after being hit by bikes. Hell, even after people have walked in to others probably. Some people act stupidly (racing around without paying attention to others) and people will get hurt. With escooters largely not really allowed anywhere you're most likely to get only those sorts of people using them too. So if there is a problem then it's a problem with certain people, not the gear they're using.
  14. What happened hundreds or thousands of years ago is hardly relevant to now. What's now the UK was a very, very different place then. For one thing there were a great deal fewer people already living in it. In any case people who barged their way in and imposed their way of life on those already living there probably isn't the sort of example you wanted I hope. That's generally frowned upon these days.
  15. Interesting, who does that? I've never really bothered looking admittedly, although I should've done considering my opinions on electricity generation.
  16. The only thing worse than them are the vermin trying to build everywhere.
  17. As has been pointed out countless times the EU was one part of the problem, one that needed to be dealt with, but not the only one. What's so hard to understand about that? Nothing, except that it doesn't properly align with Remainer prejudices and anti-Leaver bigotry so gets ignored.
  18. Don't want hideous large-scale destructive mess of where they live? And you're having a go at them? The attitudes towards the places we live in from some on this site are disgusting. It's as if they're blind to the world around them, because I can't grasp how anyone cannot be appalled by the loss and mess that the last century of development has caused, and yet they're pressing for more of the same sort of vandalism. Not even a bit of "we need to put up with some now as a necessary evil, but we absolutely MUST stop the demand and hence any need for continual building;" at least that would be a position coming from basic decency.
  19. People will happily go along with supporting anything that happens to take the side they want.
  20. Who says they can't handle it? But come on, the nonsense that's trying to paint false equivalence has been pointed out numerous times, no-one's going to fall for it, so give it a rest, you're just making yourself look stupid trying it. No-one's claimed Ukraine is a saint. But compared to Putin's Russia...
  21. Sigh. Same old people blabbering on about "what are the benefits?!" and refusing to accept that any that aren't benefits to themselves, utterly unable to grasp that what they think matters is not a 100% absolute reliable guide to what should matter to everyone.
  22. Quite. Remainers continue to attack the enemy that they've created in their imagination. Rather ironically just the sort of nonsense that's brought on this situation.
  23. And you're failing that first step just there; I'm guessing because you refuse to acknowledge just why immigration is an issue and just resort to "they're just blaming foreigners for things going wrong" rather than understanding that rapidly piling in more and more people in to an already overcrowded and overdeveloped country is a disaster. You completely fail to understand the people you're criticising and the nature of the problem.
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