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  1. In which case, living in NW England, I'm part of a reduction in heating, because heaven knows enough H20 leaves the atmosphere around here.
  2. Venus is an extreme example of which there's no reason to draw parallels with on Earth. There's the potential for serious consequences but not wiping out all life. The Industrial Revolution is history, we're not responsible for what people who died long before we were born did. The UK has already made a lot of steps, at no small cost to itself. That's why it's pretty low down on the list per capita amongst industrialised countries, I'd say our contributions are too high because of too many people, not the amount per person (e.g. my earlier comparison with France, roughly the same population but twice the size, so a considerably larger country that's thus about half the emissions per area - it's not as if large amounts of France are uninhabitable wasteland either).
  3. Yet ahead of us - from that perspective the UK really has done considerably more than most (often via means that I find distinctly objectionable). And our total would be even lower if we weren't so overpopulated. Very nuclear-based France is still lower than us per capita though, nuclear's still the way to go (it's also about twice the area and the same population, which paints the UK in a worse light).
  4. Can't see hospitilisations peaking until a week after cases. The hope is that the case:admissions ratio is low enough with vaccination and Omicron being less serious that that's manageable; after all last January managed on much higher hospital figures, but only by the skin of the teeth. Looking at at the numbers I think there's some reason to believe cases may not be far off peaking but there are many uncertainties in that so I wouldn't say it with high confidence; it could be due to holidays impacting the reported figures (despite trying to make allowances for that) or limitations of testing capacity.
  5. Well generally the time between peaks in cases and peaks in hospitilisations has been about a week. Not sure where there's much in the way of good evidence to tie back further to infections, since it's rather hard to know with any sort of confidence when someone was initially infected. There are factors that'll push both ways (people not testing until they're feeling bad on the one hand, and people routinely testing and picking up before symptoms really get going on the other, although that still needs some time after infection to show in a test).
  6. Well I don't really regard electric cars as an upgrade but don't really see any reason why not either (other than my intense dislike of all new electronic-filled cars, but that's new ICE ones too), so that's enough to go for one.
  7. Ditto with every individual. Because that approach is "let everyone else solve things whilst we don't bother." My bigger problem is finding the solutions more obnoxious than the problems, and the loudest proponents of them so far up their own backsides that it's a wonder they haven't suffocated.
  8. Living in a village you tend to interact with other people. If I had to guess I'd guess that he comes from bland nonentity suburbia, where appreciation for anything to do with actually living life is nonexistant.
  9. England only. Which is a very slight rise on yesterday. So no evidence of a stratopsheric exponential increase as of now, although what with Christmas and New Year it's hard to read too much in to anything, either way.
  10. Not sure Johnson wants to, he'll be out as soon as Covid's done. He's only still in because no-one else wants to deal with it.
  11. But who else is going to do the very important job of shouting out in large fonts? See, it must be alarming, it's in a large font! Works for the tabloids!
  12. You don't even need to sneak it in, just dribble it in a little bit at a time and people get used to anything, and because each bit is a little anyone with a problem with it is told to stop complaining over small issues. You can get most people to accept anything. Especially if you throw in a little bit of appeal to fear or greed or impatience.
  13. It's quite disturbing how many people try to lump them all together though. Whether through lack of thought or maliciousness I don't know.
  14. Just wait until he gets worked up in a few days time due to no New Year reporting and the catch-up after that.
  15. We've been through this before on the main Covid threads. Among the age groups most likely to die from Covid there is a very, very high proportion vaccinated. 1 in 5 deaths being unvaccinated indicates a significantly higher risk from being unvaccinated, because the unvaccinated people in the groups where almost all are dying represent considerably less than 1 in 5 of the population.
  16. Yeah, those are just plain weird. Are they just pictures in a lightbox or has someone decided "things need to be digital, can't have a simple sandwich board in the 21st century!"? I hope it's the latter, to further my ridicule of tech obsession.
  17. No. Utterly vile idea. Compulsory medication isn't something that belongs in any civilised country, and no "end justifies the means" style nonsense will persuade me otherwise.
  18. No SMS here (no mobile to send it to) but I did get a letter through the door.
  19. Nice one. Got to wonder what's up with these people who think there's nothing at all wrong with restricting people to working and only doing what's necessary to survive. Or perhaps it's just "don't have a problem with prohibiting things I'm not interested in doing anyway and to hell with anyone who does." For the record I don't like nightclubs.
  20. Meat and two veg for dinner is a decent enough meal IMO. Not unhealthy, tasty enough, and filling. Would be dull to have it every day but don't knock it.
  21. Had a slight headache that comes and goes and the occasional bit of chestiness for over two weeks now. Had several negative tests (and no positive ones). Of course it could be something else, people do tend to act as if Covid is the only disease around.
  22. There are often papers with differing arguments, all entirely reasonable and scientific. There's rarely complete certainty. When someone quotes one we need to ask ourselves whether they're being very selective - only believing the ones that say what they think, or support their position. Misinterpreting scientific papers is quite common among non-scientists too, or trying to use them out of context and try to argue based on them but in situations they don't really cover - over-extrapolation.
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