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  1. Yep, enjoy your Christmas present of your little echo chamber that you can create with the ignore function, without any of those people who are ever so nasty by not thinking exactly like you! Isn't it great how you can use technology to shut yourself away from that difficult thing called reality!
  2. It's nice of you to prove my point. What game do you think I'm playing? I'm merely just fed up with your preconceived notions and infantile behaviour. You've invited the type of reply you've quoted there (not ones from me I should note) with that constant doom-mongering and snapping at every little disagreement from it.
  3. Other than the right wing part you're describing your response to just about every single post you reply to that doesn't exactly line with your preconceived notions. Just like the conspiracy nuts your thinking is utterly inflexible and rigid and inclined towards throwing childish insults around at the slightest disagreement. The only real difference is that you've (probably coincidentally) aligned yourself closer to a factual-based position.
  4. Get a grip FFS. You're starting to sound like Arpeggio's reflection - opposite but still looks the same in many ways.
  5. First Az jab, felt slightly off the next day but nothing bad, just like I'd had a poor night's sleep. Second AZ nothing at all, Moderna booster and although my arm was a bit sore for two days it wasn't particularly bad, not enough to be uncomfortable doing anything. All in all I've got off pretty lightly when it comes to side effects.
  6. He's been good for a laugh. Oddly quiet for the last day or two though.
  7. What evidence there was has pointed to more mild for the last week or two. All the "might not apply to the UK" etc. meant was there was a bit more uncertainty but what we've had far too much of is a constant feed of equating uncertainty with ignorance. Now it is getting towards beyond reasonable doubt but it's been balance of probability standard for a while.
  8. We've got every opinion on here from both ludicrous extremes and plenty in between, any HPC prediction will have error bars wider than is theoretically possible
  9. Wetting yourself over that? The news should be that it isn't as big a jump as would be expected if the very rapid increase was continuing at the same rate or accelerating, with the usual caveat of being careful about reading anything in to a single day's result. A caveat that the people who love to get scared by big numbers never seem to understand.
  10. Got a source for that? I don't disbelieve you but I'd like to see it from the horse's mouth.
  11. Unfortunately that's true about everything, whether it's bad vaccine reactions or being hit by lightning.
  12. He should know, having fallen victim to the most well known classic blunder.
  13. The claim that they don't know about the severity means they're either very ignorant and out of touch, or are ignoring things. The evidence is that the severity is lower. A claim that there is a very high degree of confidence in that would be false, but trying to equate the current situation with "we don't know", which implies no idea at all, is plain wrong too. Any scientist that's really a scientist knows that the idea that the world is divided up in to things we know for absolute certain and things we don't have a clue about, and nothing in between, is complete and utter nonsense.
  14. (a) It's going to hit anyway, does shifting when it hit make much difference? (b) If Omicron is really that infectious will any form of practical lockdown actually have any impact? If not then there are only downsides from one.
  15. Is that lying though? Only if you over-simplify to the point where you end up with a very misleading impression. People do that all the time mind you, but I wouldn't call it lying when they believe they're being honest (they're fooling themselves too).
  16. I wouldn't go as far as saying we have no way of knowing; a lack of certainty is not the same as complete ignorance. This is why I'm pointing out that the current UK numbers don't tell us anything - because that's true - but the SA data is information, even if there's a fair degree of uncertainty about what that means for the UK. It points towards the balance of probability being rather less serious. It doesn't say that conclusively for the UK, or give much guidance to what that will translate to in terms of serious cases, but we shouldn't pretend that we haven't got any idea whatsoever.
  17. I can skim-read through a transcript at work, can't really sit there watching an interview.
  18. Anonymity is an increasingly necessary tool in a world that has less and less respect for the individual and over-reacts to everything it hears that it doesn't completely approve of. Have to say there's some irony in this thread being started by someone who quickly gets abusive every time they encounter a post that at a first glance doesn't appear to be in 100% alignment with their opinion.
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