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  1. Hello samtheman, Moving to Poland is certainly worth considering. If it comes to finding a job everything depends on your proffesion. The biggest job markets are cities Warsaw,Krakow, Wroclaw etc. However Its much more difficult to find a decent job in Poland then in the UK with salary nowhere near those back home. In my opinion you should reject everything below 4.500 kPLN net in Warsaw, Krakow and below 4k PLN net in other cities for a start. To rent a flat u will need roughly min 1,8 - 2 kPLN in WAW or KRK or 1,5kPLN elsewhere. Providing both of you work its not bad but it depends how prudent you are. Your money earned in Poland buys less than in UK. Housing quailty is better, weather is better, luxury and branded items are more expensive and less choice. It will be a culture shock for you at first , totally different mentality and lifestyle. Keep ur flat back home and let it out. Savings around 5k GBP should be sufficient to start with. Start applying for jobs while you still in the UK. Written by Polish national who used to live in UK for 8 years.
  2. Hello everyone Please be gentle to me as this is my first post. Myself and wife have managed to safe a healthy 50% deposit ( lifetime savings) for our first future house which we intend to buy next year. Considering the current financial situation and what I have read on this forum over the last few days ( found forum week ago) I became really worried about my paper money sitting in high street bank doing nothing as well as its purchasing power which have dropped significantly over the last few months. What would you recommend in terms of protecting our deposit over the next year or so? Is it still wise to buy some physical gold ?? We are prudent regular savers who don't want to gamble. We just want to save as much as possible and take little mortgage in the future. Any advice will be highly appreciated. Cheers.
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