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  1. Sitting tight before the next purchase. Holding tight before the next sale

  2. Is the R&D required to design and bring sophisticated and complex product to market included in those "manufacturing" percentages I wonder or are they allocated to 'engineering' or some other sector? It's be interesting to know as only having 12/13% in a key value add exportable sector seems rather low.
  3. After spending a good few weeks over the past few seasons in Chamonix and Morzine "valleys" I was expecting this year to see some reduction in the prices. Having read this thread from about page 25 to here, seems those types of areas are the only ones immune from the drops (at least so far). I was quite shocked at the prices this year, seemingly up on least year, or at least no change, especially now that the pound is over 30% down. Makes central London look quite affordable. This may be the single factor that converts me to being a wishful bear. So fingers crossed it all goes tits up in 201
  4. I've always thought they were rather meaningless. Nothing more than a vague benchmark, like the "average voter" , "average car" or "average weight". At best these indices serve as a standard by which to base relative net worth and possibly overall trends. But at the end of the day, what the average in UK is has little baring on what any particular house will cost in any given area. IN the current market they can't be anything more than a novelty distraction surely.
  5. That looks quite a nice place. Very well finished. If in a good area and about 400 to 500 MSQ with say 1 acre garden, then I'd say it is fairly valued. I've no idea of the area, but I've seen built a similar spec/scale place local to me recently which was valued about the same. Does not have a car turntable though On topic though, Are RICS valuations reliable as a measure of real market value though?I'd expect them to be conservative estimate for lending or insurance (rebuild) value, but most of the ones I have had have been a fair bit under the eventual sale price. Case in point I had a
  6. If he did you can bet he's smart enough to make the money. Enron failed because of dishonesty, not because of ignorance. Admittedly the majority of staff were in the dark about the actual scams being pulled by the top brass, but the rank and file were hardly poor or dumb people. So I imagine if he did work there then those sums are real enough. All being equal those who sold to buy later will have done later in recent years than those who let and took the hit. Though I doubt they needed HPC to work it out, Those who can do. Those who can't moan about it
  7. And Apple could take care of the higher end of the market so that the posh houses don;t have to mix with the value beans and viagra
  8. Good luck to them. If they were prudent enough to keep some cash in reserve and manage their variable costs in the downturn, then they deserve to be able to keep their doors open and benefit from any eventual upturn in trade (if maybe not the market as such). Those still in business will probably do very well given the likelihood of reduced competition. It is the nature of the game we play.
  9. £170k, might not buy much in some part of he country, but that's where the distortion of a national average price is misleading. In some areas that amount is going to be high compared to local wages. in others it is going to be much lower. Not to mention anything of desirability. And as for "Workshy Land" - comparing suburban residential prices in the UK with holiday/rural areas in France is hardly a like for like comparison. Especially if you pick sparsely populated areas which have poor links and next to no non-agri local employment. Prices are not that cheap in the more desirable areas
  10. CrashMuppet

    Cardiff Prices

    I'm not that familiar with the Cardiff market, but having spent the easter weekend there what I saw did not seem that expensive. Ok, I know little about the local jobs market, so I suppose that has an impact, but compared to many other large urban areas with some desirable locations, the prices were not as much a premium over more desirable areas much further afield within the principality.
  11. So, Just How Much Is A View Worth ? Could quite easily be anything from 20% up to 100% of the price of the actual property itself. I'm sure in some cases, though hardly in Gower I would imagine, as nice as it is, that the view could be worth far more than the house itself. I was recently told by an estate agent that a house I was having valued would be worth "at least double" it it was only 500m closer to the seashore. With unobstructed views. As it is it is it still has a nice view with rolling hills, and mountains/sea in relative distance, but he said unequivocally if you can see the sea
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