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  1. How's the thread getting on guys. What's the situation in Newcastle at mo? It's been a while...
  2. I often feel that the word chav is a socially acceptable word for poor people. In this context your question highlights an interesting perspective. Areas with low public transport links would be an advantage if trying to avoid the poor. FH
  3. Stop spoiling the peace! I'm contemplating.
  4. I've tried registering for the chronicle thread but my browser is playing up. Renting is NOT dead money. Just calculate how much the house would cost on an interest only morgage + 1% maintenance and compare this with the rental price. The arguement for renting becomes even stronger when falling asset proces and increased flexibilty is factored in. The chronicle housing editor appears to have a very shallow view of investment / living finances
  5. I lived in the sorting house for a while on newton street. Not really much noise problems apart from some sat nights in summer when you need your bedroom window open. I'd be careful buying one for the next 12 months though as I hearda property company went bust and they need to sell quite a lot of them. They are trying to drip feed them on the market I think to try and not let the floor drop out of the market. They are nice flats though FH
  6. Theres some nice houses and reasonable around east didsbury train station. 12 mins by train to piccadilly and bus stops outside which will take you to the Trafford centre. Can be a little bit 'terry and june' but heck, we aint getting younger. FH
  7. Not sold yet, Think it will end up be sold for 90K FH
  8. this must have been part of a tv show as its on telly now 'axe the agent'
  9. This must have been part of a tv show as it's on telly now - axe the agent
  10. I submitted my application around 17.00 today. Tried logging in again around 18.00 and the site did not recognise my password. Tried several times. Looks like the system is playimg up FH
  11. Do you think its worth dropping an e-mail to the local trading standards to highlight this practise?
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