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  1. I am not an economics expert, when an extremely bright guy recommended HPC to me back in 2007 I came on over. Since then I have felt well informed on economic argument and all matters hpc. However, reading this thread makes me realise that you may not actually have the first clue. Stick to the things you know about, stop yourselves looking like the bunch of uninformed t!ts you clearly are on this subject and retain credibility for this site. In fact, mods, please stick this in the anecdotals before anyone else sees it.
  2. I like the talk from over the pond about the fact that the forerunner to us recovery has ALWAYS been a resurgent house market. That'll catch on with condem. How can that happen without significant correction in the market first? Of course it can't certainly not before stagflation. The thing which has demanded no HPC, recession, is only overcome longer term by HPC. The bubble is therefore the biggest obstacle to recovereh. It's their problem now... solutions will be found. I think they know, I think the media are leaking more HPC, denying contribution to HPI, claiming they called HPC, they'
  3. [Disappointment] Go back and edit the title, use the word painting instead of pic. I thought there was going to be a milf on the ensuite or something.
  4. Don't miss d point peops. What 'we'd now seem to be calling dodgy mortgage brokers were for 10 years called "good" mortgage brokers. They can get me a mortgage = they are good. I'm gonna start a thread on this when I get time but I want to talk about the accountability of SURVEYORS... during HPI, HPC (ahem) and in market correction going forward.
  5. If we have hpc then the banks are fubar, end of, no hiding place. We've backed the banks, they are too big to fail. Any, ANY, govt will do "whatever it takes" to keep a soft landing, with a long farkin runway, under hpc and 'drops' to real terms only. The ONLY question is whether they *can*... remember, they have so far.
  6. Yes, the most lame argument of the bulls on here a few years ago has come to pass. Of course our counter was always to sneer that 'they're couldn't do anything about it' (old toilet boy is still saying the same above), except they have, for three years, and they are explicit about pursuing that outcome going forward - explicit about it. Maybe the sticky "questions about should I buy now or should I rent - let's put a stop to them" needs to be revisited here.
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