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  1. trust me, buy a house, life in it, enjoy it, do it up to the standard you want and move on. Sitting on this site for ever wondering will get you no where. Remember there are people on here that have been been sitting posting every night for the last 7 or 8 years. If you want to stay renting then fair enough no issues or arguments but if you want to buy then just make the right choice and go for it.
  2. Pizza Oven ! thats sound goods my mate ! Appreciate where you are coming from, hope things work out. What part of the UK are you from ?
  3. Nice one Bear ! I like these debates because it is good to see and understand each other. I wish every success in getting what you want for you and the family. I understand it is hard but chin up and all I am saying is if it makes sense to you and you are happy with buying that particular house then go for it. Buy it enjoy it and accept that it is not all about investments and how much is yours compared to mine etc. You sound like a good guy so the best luck !!!!!!!
  4. Rich, i agree mate. If you said I bought 5 flats and you were worried about the slow down then I would say tough luck ! but you decided to put you future in a flat. Well done I say that makes sense to me. All this moaning and I hope people lose houses etc is a joke and it is exactly what is wrong with this country. If you had decided to put your money in shares or a pension then no one would moan but because you have done something sensible then its wrong and people want you to fail. I hope everyone gets the home they deserve and I disagree with large individual landlords but if people think t
  5. Bear - good answer, I understand what you are saying. I flick on this site a few times a month whilst having a few beers. Don't normally post but there is so much negativity. I appreciate your stance and a fair reply but come on make a decision on what you want to do and just go with what makes sense to you. I appreciate that we all have different circumstances so I can't comment on your personal issues but I wish people would just be a bit more positive about things and do what makes sense to them personally not bitch about others. Anyway good luck in whatever your after !
  6. I have to agree, you sound so desperate for your so called mate to fall on his ****. I agree if someone buys a second or third house for pure profit then fair game I think personally it is a bit of justice when they get their fingers burnt because I think it is unfair what has happened in regard to the housing in this country but if someone buys a house for themselves then I wish them good luck, not to make money but to have a happy life. It is a simple question if you want to buy and you have the opportunity then go for it. If you dont want to buy and you want to rent then fair enough thats c
  7. This means nothing until you know what they are buying next. I do find it quite strange why you are that bothered what someone else does in regard to there life style choices and money matters. Sad I think comes to mind. Make your choice that suits you and get on and enjoy your life !
  8. My point exaclty. If you read my previous posts, if the house is in the best area in your part of the world, then it is a good time to offer 20 % below and fix your mortgage. Get rid of the average house that there are plently of and leave them to the landlords who will be renting to most of you guys. I appreciate that this cannot always be done but if you can then I believe it`s a good option as long as your in the right area. In Cardiff this mainly applies to areas like Lisvane and Cyncoed. Regional differences are massive in the housing market. So most of you will have totally different s
  9. Thanks for your concern but it is all relevant. This is my third house and sice buying 11 yrs ago I have made double that loss. So it doesn`t feel like a loss. The problem this country has is that people are desperate to hold out to what they believe the price should be. My house is on the market for £300 K but I have only been offered £275 K. so when someone asks what my house is worth, I say £275 K. And before you start yes it might be worth £150 K soon. If it is then happy days as the one up the road for £600 K, will be worth £300 K. everyones a winner.
  10. Good to here your views but you cannot compare the US to the UK in regard to housing. Such difference I would be writing all night !
  11. I really don`t want to start sticking up for house prices because they are overpriced but I really do think if you do your home work and offer say 15 % to 20 % below asking price for the house you really really want to live in and fix your rate then I believe you will be ok. The trouble is on here is everyone`s judging it on how much you can gain on the property price. Also I would guess that 80 % of the members on here are renting.
  12. A brillant reply. I totally take on what you are all saying and I agree with alot of what is said on this site. hourses for courses. I just wanted to put an alternative view accross. Most views on here relate to the housing market as a whole but trust me the regional differences are massive. I have no doubt that prices will come down, but crash 50 % - IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So don`t base your decsion around that figure. Maybe 10 % , 20 % even 25 % in the next 2 years, but long term everybody still loves property, otherwise we would not be discusing it right now, every day, every newspaper artic
  13. yes I agree with what you are saying but you need to make a decsion. It might be wrong but it might be right. The only good thing with it being wrong is you are still living in a house that you enjoy and want to be in. You have to make mind one day.
  14. Good reading and mostly true but unfortunatley I believe interest rates will stay very low for 2 to 3 years. I have a property on the market with no mortgage, I have been looking at larger properties for a few years and I have been willing on a price correction for the last 12 months even though I bought at the peak in 2007 at 335 K and I am happy to take 275 K currently. I have an offer on the table for that. Looking at the bigger properties it is an excellant time to get a fixed mortage at 4 to 5 years. Even with the pending price reduction if you get a nice house in the right area I belei
  15. Dringo

    Cardiff Prices

    Plot 2 is a poor plot at a pathetic price. 500 K at best. My offer was for one of the better ones ! Still your right, I think they will just keep hold of them for another 3/4 yrs and hope someone moving into the area decides to pay that price. What I find crazy is they were not interested in £750 K, even though they cannot sell any of the plots. I`m glad they did knock me back though !!!!!!!
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