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  1. Came across this whilst searching for properties it looks like things are picking up last year at this time they were all cuting back http://www.mcewanfraserlegal.co.uk/recruitment.html
  2. This article is saying it is a buyers market how can people afford to buy at these prices for first time buyers these prices are like trying to climb mount everest, it will get to the stage where all the lower priced properties will be owned by landlords, the article also states prices are nine percent off there highest point for these expensive ones http://edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/Foreign-house-hunters-splash-out.6241857.jp
  3. Interesting but way too dear for me i will do my own case study on this property http://www.look4aproperty.com/property.asp?m=&d=0&o=0&sp=&ci=2656&sl_main=&slo=&slc=&slp=&oslo=&oslc=&oslp=&sht=22&sb=1&s=1&a=1&e=100&p=1204948 im really still saving for deposit but this sort of price is my max if prices fall like we all hope then more properties will become available in my budget fingers crossed ideally stockbridge would be my ideal area but nothing so far in that area that is within budget
  4. Does anyone know if you have to pay council tax over and above the £26.90 per week ground rent, 18k i feel is a good price for a one bedroom property http://edinburgh.gumtree.com/edinburgh/05/55114105.html
  5. I Have decided against this property the price initially caught my interest for a two bedroomed flat but im not convinced about the area, i also calculated that as there are 60 flats in this building at 50k each this makes this a 3 million pound development so on that basis the flat is still too dear as there is no way that building is worth 3 million pounds
  6. Any advice on this one it is within my budget http://edinburgh.gumtree.com/edinburgh/36/56870036.html
  7. Yes there are letting agents poping up all over the place these days it seems to be a market that is booming, i hope there is not a rental price boom forcing up rents so they can scrape a few pounds more commision. Rents are on the up i have noticed
  8. norton

    Edinbugh Latest

    Thanks im just a bit nervous about my first house purchase all advice is gratefully received
  9. norton

    Edinbugh Latest

    Sorry i do not understand what is BB ? i think something is odd why would a solicitor be offering part exchange ? im confused
  10. And you could save a packet if you are a 1st time buyer thanks to Alistair Darling no stamp duty up to 250k
  11. norton

    Edinbugh Latest

    Hello i am new on here and looking for advice, i am looking to buy my first flat and i seen this one ( link below ) i am not sure about this part exchange thing, i have no property to exchange as im a first time buyer, does anyone know anything about this company offering part exchanges no one else in the espc or right move offer this service, any advice would be greatly received http://edinburgh.gumtree.com/edinburgh/24/56389224.html
  12. New on here, all seems good lots of information and interesting posts.
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