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  1. Thanks for that, I'll pass this one by the misus and see if she doesn't mind the shopping and camping gear being squeezed out for a gas cylinder.
  2. I have to say this thread isn't quite right from my own prospective. currently paying £350 a year, 8 years ago was paying £900 third party, I'd say its got cheaper but this has been influanced by moving to a nicer area and being that little bit older and therefore less likey to speed down town centre streets with my sound system blasting bumpty bumpty music in a totally pimped out ride with total disregard for mine or other persons safety.
  3. So if I travel about 15K milea a year and and my car returns about 35 MPG and uses unleaded at curently 91.0p litres, including the conversion cost at what point will I break even if I had the conversion done tomorrow.
  4. Doesn't the gas mix in the cylinders or something to cause an explosion to drive the pistons to drive the crankshaft to drive the wheels to propell the car forward. My question is how does one regulate the gas cylinders to inject the correct amount of gas into the enigine thingy.
  5. Not being a chemist myself, what are the chances of getting the mixture wrong and ending up a Dawin award contender.
  6. Bills may have risen by 5% but for 3.5 Million folks who bought houses between 2003 and now with average mortgages of £100K, mortgages have risen by 23%, makes 5% look like small beer.
  7. Quite. http://www.gtccar.co.uk/cars/search3.asp?Id=253008 £ 8,999 Only three years ago this baby would have set you back 23K.
  8. I know its the time of year when folks go on holiday but I have to say it hasen't been easier getting to work now, there is definetly less cars on the road, its more than seasonal I'd say, when you look at the facts and see that the average household income is about £300 a week and to fill the average mondeo now is about £50 it all starts to make sence.
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4363443.stm But George thinks this is cool, mmmm
  10. Date : 08-08-05 http://news.morningstar.com/news/DJ/M08/D0...LINE000136.html http://investing.thisismoney.co.uk/cgi-bin...s&username=&ac= Date : 11-08-05 What a diffenerce 3 days makes.
  11. Smile cash ISA dropped by 0.35%, nothing like taking a bigger slice of the pie.
  12. 9/10. Lenders who charge exorbitant rates of interest are known as what? Scum is the wrong answer.
  13. I wrote sw4nky not sh**ty, the cr4ppy software on this site got sw4nk confused with the word w4nk and editted it out, all clear now.
  14. Left behind you say, mmm let me think. I rent a s*****y 3 bed detached for 1/2 what a mortgage would be, drive a flash, will I think so car and have a rather well paying job, I think you've got the wrong forum old chum, all newbies are welcome here if they have a valid contribution to make otherwise they can f***off.
  15. If an EA has admitted profits dropping by 90%, just think how bad it really must be, maybe a loss of -£30.7m.
  16. £1 Million by next summer, I've just gone out and bought 100,000 scratch cards, its going to take me that long to get through them. Why do you want to know, are you gaugeing how much money is on the sideline, this is typical EA and Mortgage broker queries.
  17. This is pretty much how it works, the banks couldn't giving a flying fart what the EA thinks he can sell the property for after all its the sellers who pays his way, what the banks wants to know is does his man thinks the houses is worth that kind of money, see it a bit like the man from Delmonte, if he say no the deals off.
  18. To be fair to the muppet, he hasn't spent what he hasn't earned, he's spend what the Convervatives earned before 96, nice one.
  19. Exchangeandmart Just checked BMW X5 for sale counted nearly 700, theses babies return 13 MPG around town.
  20. Just another $15 to go and we hit the magic inflation adjusted $80 dollars abarrel the catalyist for the 1974 crisis. It won't be as bad this time around because all our heavy industy has gone, but still £6 a gallon is going to pi$$ alot of people off.
  21. I don't beleive any loading is done on the figues, it pure and simple the arithmatic mean of all the sales, thats why the average house price is alot higher than most other indicies.
  22. http://www.estateagencynews.co.uk/news/cur...news-0805c.html Call me cynical but isn't this exactly the same as reducing the price of the property by 5% to get a sale, still it will look good on the Halifax figures as it would only indicate the sale price and not be recored as a fall.
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