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  1. Horsesh*t, I'm not aware of any law stopping anyone in this country from moving about, the only thing stopping the bog rat from leaving the sewer is the rat.
  2. A simple way is just multiply the loan amount by 2 if IR are 6% and by 3 if IR are 12%, simple. Could use Excel PMT funtion I believe, it does the same thing, must remember to put the IR in the formula as %/1200 though otherwise you get some crazy answers.
  3. This is actually good for a house price crash, where as before a younger family member would inherit the house and use it to fund other houses purchases such as BTLing the government will now take it and remove one less tinpot landlord buyer from the market, sheer brilliance Gordy bring it on.
  4. Yes I do, I was in my 1st year at school and we couldn't gob stoppers for love nor money, there was a real panic on, dealers were selling them on street corners for £10 a pack. I'm so glad those days are behind me now.
  5. Keen to sell really is a bo****cks thing to put in an advent its just superfulious, how many times have you gone to buy something and the seller says I can't be ar$e really go next door I think they might have what you're looking for.
  6. Good point, when are MP salaries reviewed, quick quick send the inflation basket of goods bloke to M&S, get rid of that sh1tty cheap Co-op bread thats been keeping the figure down for the last year.
  7. Thats right, Hussain Osman of Portuguese decent and a Roman Catholic.
  8. Even Alan Sugar has been wheeled out to advertise it, such a nice man, you're fired ernie.
  9. Thats exactly what the Japanese did in the 90's, undertook huge Government projects to build bridge to nowhere, not a good idea, I'm sure Gordan has passed this one by the think tank already only to be told to go an write a hundred lines "I must not wacky ideas again".
  10. I always seem to miss this program, the last time it was on I had to count the leaves in my garden so missed it, the time before that I had to watch some paint dry and the time before that I had to gaze at my navel.
  11. Thats not very nice, but I guess when someone is facing financial ruin its a bit much expecting him to leave you a bunce of balloons and a smiley cake.
  12. Every since I found out that Fiona Bruce, yep thats the one, look at me look at me I've got no pants on, yes her, gets payed over £ 1/2 Million a year I gave up on these to$$ers.
  13. Its pronounced co burn not **** burn, but if you get it wrong it does sound rather funny in a beavis and butthead way, tee heee, he said ****, hehe he, yeh beavis he he he he.
  14. The C4 forum is waste of time, its just dedicated to folks who want to discuss how to remove dogsh** stains from their shag piles, Anyone with an ounce of common sense who try and point out that there 2 bed sh**hole might be worth 40% less in 2 years time and they don't want to know, whats that Arc for then Nora they ask.
  15. Bread is a tricky one, no two loaves are alike, the crap you buy is Tescos for 45p is just something to stop the jam falling on the floor, now Waitros is a different ball game all together, there you can buy wheat bread, olive bread, bread with tomatoes in, the list is endless.
  16. Do you go to church or something, whats with Amen. Jesus freak.
  17. Ask yourself one question punk, if he had a cash offer for the asking rpice why would he take you around to view, surley he would be taking it off the market and booking his hols. A good way of gauging whether an EA is lying is to see if his lips move when he talks.
  18. Its quite simple why. FTB home typically150K @ 5% repayment with 10% deposit = £790 monthly. BTL lanlord puts down typically 35% deposit and most do IO loans therefore monthly only cost £406. All clear now.
  19. Not true, sun flower oil makes the exhaust fumes from your car smell like a chippy, the police are already onto this one.
  20. If you slap Kirsty very hard the ripple effect will be felt way beyond Methyr.
  21. I find if you wisk the egg into a froth and then fold the flour in slowly it rises better in the oven.
  22. Are you sure about this, I think the last count was about 150,000.
  23. Okay if you say so, I'll have the cheaper one then.
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