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  1. Should have sat on the photocopier and realed off a 100 copies and written Phil Spencer across the top.
  2. Whilst everyones on a rant, I wrote to smile complaining about by larger than 0.25% off my cash ISA and got the following response. What bollo*ks, I have about £5 in my current account but £20K in my ISA.
  3. Here's some wacky advice for you friends, if they want to sell their house why not knock 15% of the asking price, if it still doesn't sell going around the loop again and so on. Hope this helps. I'm from the area too and i have to say prices haven't moved much since the end of 2002, a friend paid £280K for a house back then, his neighbour has just sold his much better and bigger house next door for £250K, that equates to a 11% fall in three years, in real terms thats a fall of 23% .
  4. This report was produced on behalf of the Natiowide, it was publish last month with little notice. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/en-gb/p...icleID=15013166 its the usual trip peddled by VI, I've switched to ignore.
  5. These companies are operating within the law. In a democracy we have the right to fleece each other, the only thing stopping society eventually falling apart is, mmm you got me there.
  6. The site was mentioned this morning on GMTV, the site has now crashed, lots of curious folks out there.
  7. Saw the latest GCSE maths paper, apparently if you can change the battery in your calculator you're given an C grade, A grades are set aside for those who can demonstrate a little bit more like switching it on a pointing to the % sign.
  8. I don't believe Jesus was a robbing ba$tard, quite the contary. It's a story recorded in all four of the Gospels, so it must have at least some basis.
  9. The University of life now charge tuition fees, either way is now expenive
  10. If you can't do the time don't do the crime. Banks are not a charity.
  11. Why did he have to crap in the coal bunker, was a there a problem with the toilet too, didn't you get a plumber to check this out before buying.
  12. I think the Debenhams credit card is about 30% APR, what ever happen to the customer comes first.
  13. What happened last year then, leaves on the track, ****ing muppet.
  14. You haven't got his number have you, I was going to offer £160,000 but only if he throws in a 4x4 and a holiday to the Seychelles.
  15. What if the global economy start tanking it, supply will outstrip demand and prices will fall. Or is the economy just going to keep rising and rising until we all have 5 TV's, 5 cars and 2 villas in Spain.
  16. A typical EA office employs about 5 people, there earn a basic salary of £25K + commission, to keep office cash flow positive they need an income of x4 wages to cover overheads, that means 5 people need an income of £500,000 a year or £42K a month to be okay. The average house cost about £150k and their fee is usually 2%, so they need to sell 14 houses a month to survive, anything above this figure is a bonus. Most aren't panicing yet but the draught has lasted alot longer than most had hoped. The failure of the Autumn pickup will be the real tester.
  17. That was lucky then, I rushed out and bought 100 barrels last week when it fell to $63, when it rises back to $67 I'm going to sell, any takers.
  18. If demand is so high way are rates low in the first place, who really writes this cr4p, the market sets the rate not the lender.
  19. Sorry to pi$$ on your bonfire, but even your figures shouts crash, look at the volume of sales. Detaches down 45% Semis down 41% Terraces down 41% Flats down 49%. The actual prices become meaning less if the volume has halved, where were you schooled, Academy Of Dumb Ar$es.
  20. We are still only paying prices at $52 a barrel and exchange rates of $1.90, in the next few weeks when the $65 prices kick in at $1.80, we'll be seeing some really good headlines, £1.00 is my estimation.
  21. Is that you Enock, thought you was dead.
  22. Whoever said the down turn in the market has reached its bottom hadn't seen these graphs, this is just the begining of the worst.
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