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  1. We warned, this is not like last time, we now have new rules to shoot anyone considered to be acting in a way considered to be a terrorist.


    "We cannot have food and petrol being blockaded, and the public understand that," a senior ministerial source said. "We are quite serious about this. Unlike the last time we had the fuel protests, many petrol stations have closed and the supermarkets are a much more important factor. We won't let them close."

    The army plans to use heavy vehicles to remove blockading lorries and ministers will be told anti-terror laws could be used to stop the country being held to ransom by the protesters.

  2. If it's efficiency you are after, get on your bike.

    Apparently bikes are the most energy efficient transport known to man.  They are even more efficient than walking.


    Are you sure about that, a Mar bar cost about 40p and can deliver 600 calories, that can power a human for about 2 hours whilst walking, by my reckoning thats about 8 miles assuming a pace of 4 mph, a bike on 40p at 60 MPG will get you about 6 miles. Some vending machine at train stations do charge about 50 to 60p for a Mars in which case you statement may be true but this is not typical.

  3. Typical my tank was on the needle and I've just had to queue for 45 mins. To top it off the only fuel available was super unleaded at £1.04 a litre.

    I drove past three garages on the way home (Preston) all with big queues.


    Mr Joe.

    Just got back from Spain, hired a car for £9.05 a day and diesel costs, wait for it 0.96 Euro a litre (£0.64), got back to Stanstead, Hertz car for the day £85, to fill it up £1.02 a litre. mmm, how long before the riots I ask you.

  4. As expected, petrol leaps over £1/litre in the Scottish Borders overnight.  I just wonder how many of these retailers have actually taken delivery of fuel at higher wholesale prices since Katrina.  Surely they are not cynically increasing prices on the back of the publicity merely because there are wholesale price increases in the pipeline...

    The thing that does surprise me is how does one get a Scott to part with a £1 for anything.

  5. I remember the Spring of 1996. The doom sayers were saying "don't buy, houses will crash soon" - this after some big reductions in the previous few years. I read similar comments on this forum, and totally unrealistic expectations of huge price drops which are not going to happen!

    I followed the advice of the person whose judgement I trust the most - me - and bought a semi for 67 grand. The same semi sold last year for 234 grand. Had I listened to the sad people, I would have paid 8 years dead rent money (possibly 40 grand) rather than gaining nearly 200 hundred, less of course my 8 years mortgage payments. Still a nice sum.

    Here's the thing: if I had bought in 1994 (which is I think probably the equivalent point to now) I probably would have paid 80 grand for it, but still in the long term would have gained.

    So I say buy now, in a good area (not Hull, Middlesbrough etc) if you are buying your home. I cannot give advice to investors, for I am not one.


    So what you bought an asset below market value and think its now worth x4 what you paid for it, what do you want a ****ing prize, I drive a German car, I have a nice job, why don't you come around my gaff and lick my shoes, muppet whats your point.

  6. Exactly. These people must be insane. Why steal TV's when there's no electricity?

    Without trying to stereotype, one reason for some of this erratic behaviour may be that supplies of crack cocaine have run out. The Superdome rest rooms are reportedly carpeted with used crack vials.

    The shop keeper will claim the TV on the insurance as storm damage anyway and sell it on the black market so why not help yourself.

  7. Just heard from a friend of mine that some gas stations in the South of the US are running out of gas and it is being rationed. This is in Georgia and not in Louisiana or Mississippi. Apparently people are panic buying because they fear gas will reach $4 a gallon on the back of Katrina.

    Serious stuff.

    $4 a gallon, we pay nearly $2 a litre, these lard ar$e$ had to wake up some day. I quite frankly couldn't give a flying fart if it hits $10 a gallon. The green party must be dancing around the bonfire today.

  8. _40750770_house_010905_gra2203.gif

    Nice graph, like the way it just tips at the end :lol::lol::lol: , its almost like the figures are being manipulated to create a soft landing, everyones knows markets that fall so steeply don't just stop, they keep falling into negative numbers. Someone should tell the Natiowide the its looking a bit dodgy. I wonder if the Halifax are going to do the same next week.

  9. A nice quote at the dawn of the mother of all crashes.

    The Times

    SAT 02 JUL 1988

    House-rich;House prices;Family Money

    Soon no area of the country will be immune from "rampaging" house-price increases, says the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The institution says that more than half of the 188 estate agents who contributed to its survey of prices for the...


  10. this morning interviewing a guy who got into organising boot sales in 1987 as a living.

    He said they really took off in the last recession and afterwards tapered off. He has observed in the past year that once again they are growing very fast.

    A sure sign of people trying to raise money when times are hard.

    Could have a point there, attended such a boot sale this weekend and saw a chappie selling his 2001 Lexus for £8K, times is hard.

  11. Its bugging me as to why house prices are so expensive

    Why put people out of the market ? only someone evil/landlord would not want everybody to have a home ? how many do you need for gods sake.

    If stocks are manipulated and the gold price is held artifically low then why cant house prices be controlled. Is it a ploy to create homes just for the rich, or only develop 1/2 bed flats for FTB so they cant raise kids and have a family due to population control; or is it the simple fact that more liquid needs to be pumped into the system and houses are an excellent source to launder paper money ? Who decides what the house is worth, have bricks gone up in price ? Just doesn't seem to add up. Why all of a sudden does a house price increase 100% in less than 5 years ? sorry for asking a stupid question, but why ?

    Can the forum give opinions on whether natural economic forces control house prices or if banks who need to flood more money into an economy built upon consumption, do so and therefore force the prices up, releasing the money, hence; manipulate the market.

    why why why are they so god damn expensive !!

    Has the world gone mental ? or am i just losing it.??   :huh:

    Thats an easy one, wages have risen about 30% and borrowing costs have fallen by 40%, so folks affordability has increased by 100%, gready sellers not wanting to miss out on a trick adjust their prices to take up the slack.

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