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  1. Money is the root to all evil, you can't argue the holy book my BTL friend. Ever wondered why sometimes you get up and you just can't seem to find happiness, true happiness is free is all within, stop fretting about making money and go do some charity work, thats the answer.
  2. Never a frown with Gordon Clown.
  3. Asking 1/2 a Million for a place you probably bought for 150K is also not very nice. Bad kama will bit you on the ar$e everytime, thead wisely my friend.
  4. Jesus 2.4%, I thought you were joking!!. http://www.statistics.gov.uk/CCI/nugget.asp?ID=19 These figures only reflect last years oil prices at $40 a barrel, wait til the $70 start filtering through, anyone with a variable rate mortgage better start running for cover now.
  5. We warned, this is not like last time, we now have new rules to shoot anyone considered to be acting in a way considered to be a terrorist. http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/transport/article312221.ece
  6. Are you sure about that, a Mar bar cost about 40p and can deliver 600 calories, that can power a human for about 2 hours whilst walking, by my reckoning thats about 8 miles assuming a pace of 4 mph, a bike on 40p at 60 MPG will get you about 6 miles. Some vending machine at train stations do charge about 50 to 60p for a Mars in which case you statement may be true but this is not typical.
  7. Its amazing how the term Bull refers to a market underpined by Bullsh*t, is this just coincidence.
  8. Maybe next weeks Sun for page three might have Gordon B and Tony B, what a fine pair of t*ts.
  9. Just got back from Spain, hired a car for £9.05 a day and diesel costs, wait for it 0.96 Euro a litre (£0.64), got back to Stanstead, Hertz car for the day £85, to fill it up £1.02 a litre. mmm, how long before the riots I ask you.
  10. Definition: in professional wrestling, a wrestler who loses in order to make another wrestler look good; also called jobber. More like jobby.
  11. Are you suggesting they are hiding something, like the 10% fall in asking prices I've seen in the last 3 months.
  12. For an extra 30K you could have one of these. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-438...y&chnl=overseas Might cost abit in airfares though. The UK sucks, I'm leaving, anyone else coming.
  13. The thing that does surprise me is how does one get a Scott to part with a £1 for anything.
  14. I caught the program yesterday, am I the only one who would pay good money to see Brian Sewell throw to the lions, the man's a c**t of the highest order.
  15. I've converted my car to work on horse sh1t, I now just pop down to my local Estate Agents and they just talk into the tank.
  16. So what you bought an asset below market value and think its now worth x4 what you paid for it, what do you want a ****ing prize, I drive a German car, I have a nice job, why don't you come around my gaff and lick my shoes, muppet whats your point.
  17. The shop keeper will claim the TV on the insurance as storm damage anyway and sell it on the black market so why not help yourself.
  18. $4 a gallon, we pay nearly $2 a litre, these lard ar$e$ had to wake up some day. I quite frankly couldn't give a flying fart if it hits $10 a gallon. The green party must be dancing around the bonfire today.
  19. Nice graph, like the way it just tips at the end , its almost like the figures are being manipulated to create a soft landing, everyones knows markets that fall so steeply don't just stop, they keep falling into negative numbers. Someone should tell the Natiowide the its looking a bit dodgy. I wonder if the Halifax are going to do the same next week.
  20. Bra wars!!!, also thought Mandelson was a t1t.
  21. The second derivative of the negative trend is starting to show positive swing, I therefore conclude the market is rising again. Quote: Dicky 29:08:05
  22. A nice quote at the dawn of the mother of all crashes.
  23. Could have a point there, attended such a boot sale this weekend and saw a chappie selling his 2001 Lexus for £8K, times is hard.
  24. Thats an easy one, wages have risen about 30% and borrowing costs have fallen by 40%, so folks affordability has increased by 100%, gready sellers not wanting to miss out on a trick adjust their prices to take up the slack.
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