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  1. "I wouldn't give him the job of leading my dog", don't suppose they'll put that up.
  2. I really can beleive folks watch this cr4p, Trevor is a media tart, he will latch onto any topic to start a riot. Example1 "TONIGHT ON TREVOR MCDONALD, I TREVOR MCDONALD WILL ASK SHALL ALL GINGER BABIES BEEN PUT DOWN AT BIRTH". Example2 "TONIGHT ON TREVOR MCDONALD, I TREVOR MCDONALD WILL ASK A FEMENIST FAKE OR REAL".
  3. Scrapping council tax for pensioners would mean about 10 Billion lost revenue for the govenrment, that would mean income tax would have to go up by about 4p in the pound for normal tax payers, who wants that lets see a show of hands. What no hands, Right with that sorted lets see what we options the old timer has. 1) Sell her houses and and scale down, 2) Sell her houses and move in with inlaws. 3) Sell her houses and move to Spain. This woman has options, why should FTB's without homes paying 50% of income in rent paying tax working in MJobs subsides her. Then again one could always argue this government should raise the tax threshold for the super rich to beyond 40% as it has been for centuies to pick up the short fall but then that will be a vote losser.
  4. John lewis just announced this year so far has been the worst for 15 years, they are obviously not referring to JW shoppers.
  5. Not likely to happen, 250K to 300K houses are under valued due to the 3% Stamp duty, as this threshold rises with general inflation so will the prices. Nice try though. Below 200K should remain strong due to affordability and FTB entering the market, 1 bed flats for 140K are going to starting tanking it soon as BTL investors start soiling their pants as more FTB start buying and so fewer renters around and also a due to a general over supply of properties in this market area, you know the ones stack'em high on waste land developments.
  6. I'd hate to weewee on your chips but with the FTSE rising at currently 15% and mortgage rates just 4.5% fixed for 5 years, wouldn't now be the time to have a mortgage ticking over and the rest invested in the stock market.
  7. Found it, its in the DMA controller, I hadn't configured the memory pointer or loop size. Yes you're right the periperials and instruction decoder can bother have fifo, but the later one is usually refered to as a pipline rather than a fifo.
  8. Dude, theres alot of anger there, try deep breaths followered by ten downward dogs.
  9. I have three addresses too, one for my DVLA car reg, one for my drivers licence and credit cards and my real one for the take away pizzas.
  10. Can someone help me, where does the read fifo sit.
  11. The late Mr Hicks once said. Alot of folks have alot invested in this ride, it ain't going to tank anytime soon.
  12. A V.I. still trying to put positive spin on the housing market must be a very rare animal indeed, I find listening to it quite funny.
  13. Whats so interesting about you? I can drink 6 pints and not need a wee, beat that.
  14. Is this George Formby, tried to Google it but drew a blank.
  15. Blades running Linux Redhat Enterprise is the dogs danglies, totally agree.
  16. Where was this then, at the imaginary computer store in your head, 2GB of RAM is about £100 secondhand alone.
  17. My car has SIPs, Side Impact Protection, I can't beleive how careless this Government have been for doing away with it, what next seat belts and air bags.
  18. I've got his dream about buying some land I'm gonna give up the booze and the one night stands And then maybe settle down in some quiet little town. And forget about everything.
  19. Doubt it, you only need £500 to declare oneseft bankrupt now, worth a punt.
  20. Spread betting is good if you have info the rest of the market don't have, such as takeover info or profit warnings from an insider, this is now frowned upon by the FSA so not advisible, the only other option is to take your money convert it into £1 coins and throw it at passersby, like spead bettting you'll loose it all but at least you'll have a bit of fun in the process.
  21. I've just gone out and bought 10 9 carat gold rings from Argos just to be on the safe side, I think Mr T is taking the pi$$ though.
  22. Its now 250K for a 1 bed thunder box as opposed to 300K. Go for it.
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