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  1. http://business.scotsman.com/economy.cfm?id=2012222005

    Brown 'at risk of missing BoE's growth target'

    I think Brown gives a sh**, he'll just move the target, increase the spending cycle and borrow a bit more, the way he sees it is the british economy like imagining the grand canyon stuffed with 20 pound notes, its ain't going to crash just because we happen to being through a current soft patch. Unfortunately Lawson thought the same 15 years ago.

  2. Nationwide is more of a reflection of Southern Counties. If you want more accurate data, check the regional stats, where it is clear Northern UK is much better off than Southern UK. I have pasted the regional chart so you can see how your area is doing.

    Not sure sure old chum, its all falling apart.


    THE NORTH OF ENGLAND’S largest independent estate agent, Reeds Rains, has reported a slight increase in property prices since the beginning of the year, according to its July Property Barometer.

    The rise of 3.3% since the start of 2005 means that the average house price in the North of England is now £137,264, compared to £132,796 in December 2004.

    Reeds Rains has, however, reported a fall in the average house price in July compared to that for June 2005.

    Across the whole of the Reeds Rains’ office network there was a 3.7% drop, in the North West in particular there was a drop of 5 %, excluding Manchester and East Lancashire which dropped by 2%.

  3. I'm seeing all the signs of a housing crash here in West Wales. I was living it London at the time of the last crash and it's kinda like deja vu.

    Had an EA phone up today to suggest I BTL a property for 125,000 down near Swansea - I asked him what rent he could get for me - £375 :lol::lol::lol: Wow what I great deal! I'm off to the bank tomorrow to sort out the mortgage ;) Also noticed several houses that had SOLD according to the signs outside come back on to the market. Interesting times.

    Rought calculation is rent divided by 6, this should be the price of the property in thousands, at 375 it should be selling for 60K, for that money you should be looking at 750 - 800 PCM, then again you could have a 50% deposit in which case you can make it work, but the bank would give a better return with no risk.

  4. Its strange that this thread should come up today, as I was only thinking on my way home on the M25 tonight, that I had not seen any cars with the new registration on them.

    I believe i'm right in saying that the "55" reg came out on the first of this month, or am I mistaken ?

    Most modern cars are now good for 100K miles, who in their right mind would buy news and loose 17.5% on the first day. Also I think the new number plate system has confused alot of folks so much so that the vain are now longer impressed with a number that means nothing.


    What year is this, what the hell does it mean, is it 2000, 2005, 2003 etc

  5. It isn't such a hot topic these days, but I would have thought now was a v good time to STR? I'm still feeling concerned after seeing the brains behind the British economy, Ed Balls, the other night - perhaps STR is something I should seriously consider. The market is really starting to feel incredibly weak here at the moment, so this might be the last chance to sell before things start going seriously down hill (11-12months max in my opinion).

    Hang in there it will start picking up soon and then glad you hadn't sold.


  6. You obviously haven't read the link have you Dicky? Let me quote mate:

    "Great caution must be exercised if you are considering buying into this falling market. If you buy too soon you may suffer from "catching a falling knife" as values continue to fall after your purchase. It is obviously dangerous to catch a knife before it hits the ground and buying into Aucklands CBD apartment market right now is equivalent to catching a falling knife"

    Does that clarify the point i was making?

    I see now, the article was drawing the parallel between buying property that hadn't fallen fully to catching a falling knife, I see now thanks for setting me straight there.

    One further question, when you make a BLT do you put the beacon in the middle or the top, the reason I ask is because I find if you do the latter is does impair the flavour some what.

  7. If I had a 500K house and 200K savings (and saving 3K a month) I'd downsize my house to a 300K house

    bank the other 200K to make 400K savings (ISAs, Premium Bonds, Gold, and high interest savings). Let it build up and live off the 3K a month and have a bloody good time or......emmigrate!

    400K @ 5% = 20K, less basic tax = 16K = 1330 a month, whoops..

  8. What has happened to HPC recently?

    Usually around this time we would be trying to guess what inane comment Wrigly would be making about the housing market.

    Far more fun than trying to figure out when the next report is due.

    We're becoming jaded I fear.

    Okay here's my 2.95 cents worth.

    Wrigly is going to say,

    This month house prices have bounced back better than a cheque from a Scoucer, the flood of new enqires have made the US floods look like a pi$$ in a well.

  9. As a doctor and a father of two young children I certainly do not want Avian flu epidemic. Be careful what you wish for. Traditionally half of the flu epidemics take out very young and old and half the rest of us in the middle. The last two outbreaks have been of the young and old variety. This one may have our name on it.

    Doctor Doctor I feel like a pair of curtains.

    Pull yourself together man.

    Don't go yet , it gets better.

    Doctor Doctor have you got anything for my liver

    How about a pound of onions.

  10. Catching A Falling Knife, Could this be the future of UK BTL? Options

    BTL means you buy an property and rent it out and hopefully after all costs are taken out it leaves you with some profit, catching a falling knive will just slice ypur hand open. Don't quite follow how slicing your hand is the future of BTL, unless you meant making a BLT beacon lettice and tomato, I quite often hurt myself in the kitchen, usually leave that to the other half.

  11. $1.77 against the US Dollar today, when our currency is tanking against another sinking currency then there's problems!

    Just remember folks our oil is priced in $, yep that means down from a high of 1.95 we are now paying 10% more for the Texas tea. Lets hope it doesn't fall anymore or it will make the 2000 petrol protests look like a picnic.


  12. Its not that these protesters are refusing to pay council tax!!!

    They are paying already...

    Their argument is that they should not have to pay a rise above 5% as it is both illegal and immoral as their incomes have not risen by that much ....

    We need a local income tax based on ability to pay or alternatively add it to VAT so the biggest spenders pay the most...


    Poll tax you mean, my that was a smart idea.

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