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  1. Just afew more weeks to go then it'll be the Big Issue. Luving it.
  2. VIs have got a couple of computer nerds on the payrole to crash the site, panic has started to set in.
  3. I saw this too I think the Marketqueer has been paid a visit by afew of our members, this is what he said only recently. http://www.singingpig.co.uk/discussion/forum/?f=41&m=59435 humble pie taste sweet doesn't it fat boy.
  4. http://money.guardian.co.uk/news_/story/0,...1498871,00.html Is Mr Stephen Leonard suggesting FTBs overstretch themsleves to clamber onto a collapsing pyramid just to avoid the crownds fighting below the £120K mark, and if so how come prices aren't still rising at 20% a year. I do hope this man falls under a bus, only joking under a steam roller.
  5. The only folks currently saying prices wont fall by 20% are these three. Barclays are only trying to distance themselves from jokers.
  6. Wisbech is in the middle of nowhere, 4 bed houses normally go for £115K, nobody wants to live there. Here's one. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-364...a_n=11&tr_t=buy
  7. Just like to add, Marconi 2000 and something share price, £12.50, then in 2003 and something 0.6p, yep 99.9952% fall, its currently only £2.80 because it was re issued at £5.00, everyone with 10,000 old shares received about 3 shiney new, whooops.
  8. I perfer a dice to a coin , works like this, shake a 6 you sell, shake any other number you get another turn.
  9. Could we change to read .The amount Mr & Mrs Average are going to loose on their house in the next 2 years.
  10. Good work, it kind of suggests Nationwides report today claiming a soft landing is donkey droppings.
  11. NationLied and Halifix can do whatever they like with their graphs, level it out, twist it up a little it will makes no difference, the genie's out the bottle now I'm affraid, this market is going down to china town.
  12. Did someone really pay 50K for that hole, I wouldn't even dream of parking my car in there.
  13. Horse sh1t, most BTL portfolios have been using the equity gained as a rule for a good investment not yield, the yield equation stopped making sence back in late 2001, hot air and free money (well 2.99% discount deals) has driven the market to these dizzy heights, the only thing now underpinning the market is errr, you got me there.
  14. This is very worring for two reasons, the last time oil hit $55, the quid was 1.95 againts the dollar, its now 1.81, so the prices we've seeing at the pumps today were priced in at $48 and 1.92 roughly, expect to see the 91p litre quite soon. Breaks down like this on 85p a litre. Refinery 22.21p Filling St 6.20p Duty 43.99p Total 72.40p Vat 17.5% 12.67p Now if the raw material cost into the refinery rises by 25% that adds 5p to a gallon.
  15. Just sent my email, it read JOHN PRESCOT = FAT TW**. GORDAN BROWN = STUPID TW**. TONY BLAIR = LYING TW**. I shall await the reply.
  16. Look whats happening to the pound though currently 1.81, its passed the 6 month low against the dollar and is now heading for a year low, FTSE might have risen above 5000 but foreign investors loose on the exchange rate, it aint good.
  17. You're a landlord right, this site is called Housepricecrash, ask yourself one question, what are you doing here, feeling lucky, well do ya punk.
  18. Sellers increasing at rate of 110% compared to buyers ain't good, this is all you need to know, as the song goes, when the s*** goes down you better be ready.
  19. I guess the 20% commission they charge might tip you over the edge, now that mortgage rates are higher and rents are falling.
  20. 5% + 3% inflation = 8% real term drop- whoops, just another 2% to go for it technically to be defined as a crash.
  21. I'd really hate to be a pain here but may i correct you. The law of montion you quote is; F = ma; whereby F = Force, m= mass and a = accelaration. the law than decribes an object rising then falling is more a conversition of energy of kenetic to potential then back to kinetic. ie Initially as it rises it is given a push and so has kinetic energy = 1/2mv^2, at the point at which it stops rising g as cancelled all its upward force and so it now has potential energy, then than converts back to kinteic as it falls back to earth.
  22. Okay I'll have 0.1% then, are you prepared to lend be half a million.
  23. I've decided I'll buy this instead. and live in one of these for £100 from B&Q.
  24. 200 years ago its was free with travel thrown in, now there charging to go to jail, ***k me whats the world coming to.
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