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  1. I've got a friend who works in Government departments, these jobs and ones like them are already allocated to people, advertising them is just a formality. Ain't it great to be a tax payer, in the private sector for £80K you'd expect a leader of a small company with a turnover of £40 Million.
  2. 8 out of 10 cats pefer Whiskas, says Whiskas press officer.
  3. Main reason for the rise is, 3% discount IR mortgages 2 years ago encourgaed folks earning £20K a year to club together and borrow £250K to buy than nice 3 bed terraced in Leyton, now SVR is almost 7% their stuffed, remortgage has be refused because the whole street is probably filled with poor soles in a similar prediciment and where their house is now only worth £200K. Bring out the Grim reaper.
  4. Does any one want to buy this for £22K, I think is worth it, I've just conducted a survey on behalf of the Austin Allegro club and everyone I've spoken to seems to thinks it worth it and it can only rise in value. Any takers.
  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4081282.stm Who writes is crap, since when has the seller ever decided the market, this doesn't show confidence returning to the market but desperation of folks who own a depreciating asset. I then though who conducted the survey. You've guessed it, a Bank, a bit like Dracula saying people are queueing around the block to give blood.
  6. Me too, each month that goes by I'm 2K richer, or another way of putting it I'm saving 6K over 25 years of earned income which equates to £20 a month payrise each month.
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4079846.stm Forty years!!!!!!!!
  8. I can't speak for the majority but my experience of school was a bunch of muppet teachers, here my example, sitting a Maths moch exam once I was deducted 20% off a score of 100% because, yep I kid you not, at the bottom of the paper in small writing it said use PI as 3 and not 3.14 as my calculator said, when I confronted the head of Maths about it I was told if this was a History Exam and I'd written Henry the 7th instead of Hendry the 6th the same rule would apply. Left college with 3 straight A's at ALevel and Uni with a First, f*** the lot of them.
  9. And remember folks this is with record employment, just think in a years time where we will be.
  10. whats this then Looking back at Halifaxs previous house price inflation figures, i come to conclude that house prices since 1970 have average about 8% a year and everytime annual inflation falls below this figure by more than 3% a correct occures, this month we are, yep 8 -5% = 3%. Hold thight, the Beeb should know better.
  11. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-753...pa_n=2&tr_t=buy Bad Bargain Lane, can wait for Taking the pi$$ lane and Having a Laugh Road.
  12. Hot air by VI's mainly, cheap money has causes Hyper house price inflation, thus creating a shortage of affordibly housing.
  13. Poor areas are good investments if you are only concerned with yield and not capital appreciation, but from next year I beleive the Govenrmnet are going to pilot a scheme whereby they give the tennant the rent directly, he/she then has the choice whether to pay the landlord or not. whoops there goes the yield arguement too. How many deprived area inhatitants are going to want to part with £75 a week to pay rent when you can get 25 cans of Specialbrew and 5 packs of ciggies.
  14. In 6 months time every seller is going to be in the sh**, sewage treatment works or no sewage treatment works.
  15. You think thats bad I've 3K on an Not so Intellegence Finance card with an offset option, only had it 6 months and they've cancelled it and replaced it with one charging 15%, and before you say it I have 3K debt because it wasen't costing me anything not because I'm broke. Here what I did, I've closed all my other accounts with them and wrote them a email telling them to go ***k themselves.
  16. Microshaft power point, you need office.
  17. Best mortgage rate around is about 5%, on 300K thats £1750 PCM, one room let for 500PCM means you have a mortgage of £1250. On the face of it doesn't sound too bad, however if London falls 20% like most are expecting in the next 2 years, your houses and ones like it will be be down 60K, which means someone else doing what you're suggesting in 2 years time will not even have to bother with a tennant to have the almost same mortgage. See how it works, now ain't the time to buy.
  18. Some figures being bounced around the media afew months back was between £600 and £1200, better get those houses on the already saturated market soon before the packs become law.
  19. Classic graph, but I think Nationwide and Halifax are pi$$ing in the wind regarding the flat market speech, sales are down 30% Y on Y which means if the market stayed at the same activity level prices would be much lower to acheive the same volume, so I'd say the market has already crash but sellers are refusing to accept it.
  20. http://www.estateagencynews.co.uk/news/cur...news-0605a.html Thats that then, might aswell wait another 18 months before buying, wont have to pay all those surveyors/solicitors fees, the sellers will pick up the tab, good on ya TB.
  21. What they meant to write was: "The solid economic performance is underpinned by the housing sector" aka the free money box on the street, nobody needs to work anymore.
  22. The most busy time of the year and house prices fall 0.6%, assume the crash position everyone.
  23. Nice graph like they way the spring bounce is tailing off by the number of active buyers falling away while the number of properties for sale is actively increasing at the same rate. Mmmmm, the games up me thinks.
  24. Why didn't they try looking in Iraq?
  25. What can I say, the Chinese don't pi$$ about with half baked plans like stamp duty tinkering and shared equity bo**ocks, they strike right at the centre of the problem, why can't our so called leaders show a bit of this spirit.
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