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  1. There aren't any in East Anglia, am I buggered then.
  2. [if this old timer is correct, then I wonder which countires might be worth moving to avoid the anarchy. Any ideas.
  3. I would offer 15% more than the asking price just to make sure you get the house and nobody gazumps you, its all about Location Location Location. Love Kirsty
  4. I had the misfortune of spending some time in Coventry, the market to outside investors may look tempting, ie 3 bed terrance for 100K, trust me the most you'll get on the rental market is £300PCM, thats makes £60K overpriced. Avoid it like the plague.
  5. Wales down £10,500 in a month, TIDY!!!. Just look what you could have lost if you bought 30 days ago. I wonder what bullies start prize is going next month.
  6. Clever wording as long as house prices remain soft, ie fall then yields (income/house price) will rise. Example 2004 2 bed sell for £120K rent = £600 PCM Yield = 6%. 2005 2 bed sells for £100K rent = £600 PCM Yield = 7.2%. says nothing about the 20K that the Landlord has just lost.
  7. Found this on the web around my neck of the woods. http://www.building-plot.org.uk/building-l...-sale-cambs.htm Thats 7 detached houses, by this equation the land will set you back 30K each. Am I still missing something.
  8. http://www.whatprice.co.uk/house.html The build cost for a 5 bed house is £104K acording to Which, on my street these sell for 300K+. Are the like of Barratts really buying land for 200K per plot or is someone taking the pi$$..
  9. Sorry about that dude forgot you served in Naam, how are you getting on with those flashback from Saigon.
  10. I've stop wearing them too, ever since the misses caught me the other day.
  11. As he hasen't bothered to reply let me have ago. Japan is a different kettle of sushi, they eat with chop sticks and have smaller eyes and and and .
  12. http://www.garrington.co.uk/html/news.php?page=4_1 Apologies if posted already. Just had to share this classic quote. Thats right sunshine you ain't an economist and neither are you an expert on the houseing market, you are simply a jumped up squaddie who just happen to be in the right place at the right time.
  13. My setiments exactly, she is a dear friend I hate to see how easily they can be manipulated by the spin of EA's and mortgage brokers.
  14. A friend of mine has just had an offer accepted on a houses. First her offer was rejetced and the vendor went with another buyer, a few weeks down the line their buyer pulled out so my dumb ar$ed friend then when back to the EA's with a higher offer than the one the seller had already accepted with the previous folks who dropped out, the mind boggles, Any way she have now got as far a surveys, they have valued the house at the offerd price but said in the current market its right at the top end of the market for the area and needs some work on rewiring and gutttering. I've advised my friend who is now £500 down on a survey that she has two choices, either walk away or put negiatate a lower offer. Asking price was £179K she offered £174K, checked www.housenet bought late 2002 for 130K but had kitchen and bathroom redone apparently. Come on folks tell her what she should do next, I've tried.
  15. But I read somewhere the average mortgage is £430 a month and takes 20% of household income, the way I see it IR would have to rise to 7/8% for a crash to happen if these findings are to be believed. Forced sellers are not going to happen overnight if the job market remains stable and IR stay put or start falling. What do others think.
  16. Get another EA to value it and go with the highest say £250K, then sit and wait for another 10 years. Hope this helps
  17. Yep of course it makes sence taking out an interest-only mortgage because it means you only pay 2/3 of the real mortgage cost example. Borrow 150K at 5% over 25 years will cost you £877 a month. with IO you only pay £625, you'll save a massive £252 a month which could buy you a shiney new Mazda or Rover. The downside however is you'll end up paying 100K over 25 years more for you house but don't worry about that becuase thats in the further, the futhure is a very special place where it doesn't matter.
  18. http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-13384767,00.html This can't be true because we don't make anything anymore, apart from those little washers that stop you toilet leaking and cocktail umbrellas.
  19. Don't be such a chicken sh**, buy the bloody house for 120K, if you're planning on living there for the next 5 years so whats the worse that can happen, it will fall say 30% in two years time, okay you could buy then cheaper but so what , just buy it and see what happens if it goes tits up you aint going to be the only one in the sh**, for this reason it probably isn't going to be that bad, just buy it and see, what else do you want to hear the moon's made of Edam.
  20. Rule 1 of Fight Club: Don't talk about Fight Club. This is sounding a little familar guys, the market is correcting itself all on its own, when the bottom of the pyrmid has risen beyond its foundations, ie FTB's 25 somethings can't buy, BTLer's yields down stack up, the natural laws of physics takes over.
  21. Not in pounds it ain't, currently dropping faster than the proverbial barmaids pants. Over the last 3 months againt the dollar you're down 12%, againt the brizilian real in 12 months you're down 50%.
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