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  1. What we now have in Britian is a modern day Irish potato faminie whereby the lions share of ones income goes to pay Landlords and we all know what happen there don't we.
  2. I think the intention of the Guardian with this interview is to highlight naivity of todays property investor and so how the market is proped up by stupid money followed by even more stupid money, I tell you what I want what I really want, I really wanna wanna etc etc...
  3. GDP Growth Interesting, just look at the GDP graph at the point IR starting ramping up from 3.5% to 4.75% and the lag between that and the housing market. I'd say we haven't even seen the worst of it yet.
  4. Fair enough but you did write. Which does imply your total worth in 2008, not just current maturing investments, why didn't you write 65K + £1500 * 36 = £119K, for example.
  5. How can you be so sure, what if you loose your job in the meantime.
  6. 180K after 14 years at a wage inflation of 5% give you a valuation at todays prices of 350K, she needs to knock another 200K off before she'll be making any buyers out there moist. Its to tought old world being a nurse, its even tougher being a property speculator.
  7. Question to all you forum Luvies out there, A friend of mine against all my advise has decided to take the property plunge, got an mortgage offer from the A&L at 4.59% fixed for 5 years, ever before she's handed over the reddies the rate drops to 4.49%, she then asks the bank if she could re-apply for the new rate at 4.49%, Mr A&L wants £200 to rewite the origional offer , is this right or is someone seriously taking the pi$$.
  8. http://www.thisislancashire.co.uk/lancashi...ews/NEWS13.html
  9. Have I missed the discovery of the world largest gold reserves here, how else can this be explained.
  10. Its not the real Bill Gates, the real Bill can't even speak without shi**ing his pants, did anyone see him on live8, whats the world comming to when the richest man on the planet is a train spotter. Vista in most Latin Languages translates to sight, maybe he should have gone with Windows Merde.
  11. Google as a search engine isn't half bad, the companys value is based on its ability to collect revenue from advertising, ie when you type mortgages it takes to particular mortagege site, when you type in car insurance and so on, its that ability to steer its audience to particular bands is where it money comes from, 9 Million household in the UK alone have broadband and its growing at 100K a month currently, thats an eye watering audience to sell things to, if anything google is probably under valued at present.
  12. Most pay reviews are now no longer automatic but are usually a reflection how productive one is in an organisation, no rise usually means they are trying to tell you something, jump before you're pushed.
  13. Ask yourself one question, if Mr Ar$etin did indeed have a £2.5 Millon in the bank why isn't he out have a good time I know I would. The truth is he probably has 2.5 Million in property, £2.3 Million in debt with a cashflow of £50 a month after everyting is taken out. Thats why he's still working for a living.
  14. Thanks for that, thats much better. 7.18% compounded on 25K over 18 years = 87K, which is indeed less than the house value.
  15. Why have you got 300K in a savings account, at 5% your paying 6K (assuming you're a 40% tax payer) to the taxman, crazy.
  16. I haven't tell me about them.
  17. I need some help here guys, I not getting this at all. If today my house is worth £100K, and I wanted to borrow 25% of it value as an equity release loan, I now have 25K and have to pay back 7.18% a year. If my house value now falls 1% a year after 18 years its going to be worth £84K, my loan however is still worth 25K as I've only being paying the interest. Now folks this bit I don't get how is 25K less than 84K, isn't this what negative equity means, ie the loan is bigger than the value of the house.
  18. Another sucky thing i read today. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4697327.stm These bunch of w4nkers really need taking outside and given a good kicking. How long do you think its going to take banks now they've got the all clear to charge for all hole in the wall tranactions, I give 12 months before we all paying £2.50 to withdraw £10. I thought when one votes its to elect govenment to best lead us not to pick a group of poodles who bend over and gets shafted by big business.
  19. Lets look at this another way, when these folks bought this houses it represented X2 their income, today is x45 thier income if they had to buy it today. Assuming their street still attracts the same types of people as when they first bought it I can conclude: Either their combined income should now be £1 Million a year, probably not. or The real value of their house in the global picture is only worth £100K, most likely.
  20. 3 out of the 7 voted for a rate cut because they've just come of their fixed rate deals on 500K mortgages, the other 4 voted for a rise because they have 200K each in a A&L saving account.
  21. According to most mortgage Brokers, 99.99% of BTL are in it for the long term, lets hope they budgeted for a 100 years.
  22. I know what why don't we forget all about the economic cycle Mr Brown and just open a factory printing money, that way we can all have Champagne and strawberries for breakfast and not have to work again.
  23. Did someone really write this with a straight face, the market is ****ed buyers are like rocking horse pooh. RICS report normally for this time of year about +50% survayors reporting rises, not this year it's currently -42% the worse since the last crash of th early 90's, whats that smell coming from the Rightmove camp, thats right is smells distinctly of bull****.
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