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  1. My University had a sign at the gate saying "No Fat Chicks Allowed", that might explain it.
  2. Did his brother Michael direct Miami Vice.
  3. The sh** going to really hit the fan next year when the US IR is 6% and we're at 4% and the £/$ falls to 1.40 and oil hits $80 a barrels, we'll be paying about £1.25 a litre at the pumps RPI will be knocking on the door of 4% and on every dart board across the land will be pictures of Tony the tit and Gorgon Clown, the wonder boys.
  4. Whats the big deal with remote control curtains, as part of a electronics project at college I made such a thing using some scrapped windscreen wiper motors and afew chips from Maplins, it cost about £15, folks are easily satisified these days.
  5. The average house is now about 165K with IR at 4.75, in late 2001 IR rate were 4.75% and average property was about 90K, I'd say they are currently worth about 110K average give or take 4% wage inflation over last 3 or so years, I make it 33.33%.
  6. Try National Statistics website, its stuff like DVDs and cabbages.
  7. Their customers with mortgage arrears has increased by 42% in the last year, that'll teach'em for baseing most of their portfolio on stupid BTLers and selfcerts.
  8. I think the this guys a complete deluded tool, just because HPI has been running at 20% PA for the last 5 years he somehow believes based on this projection he going to make a Million in the next 5 years. He would be better off going out and buying a truck full of hash and smoking himself silly than sticking in property, at least he'll be happy when the whole sh!thouse comes crashing down, *****.
  9. It dropped to 1.39 in 2001 thats why the oil protests in Sept 2001, back then oil was about $20 a barrel, imagine if it fell to those prices today with $60 a barrel.
  10. I'm expecting to take delivery of a new 42" plasma TV, that 0.25% Ir cut has really come in handy, its now going to cost me 15p less on an HP deal at Dixons, hurry while stocks last there going like hot temperature pies.
  11. The pound at 1.77 is too high anyway, I think 1.6 is the norm, 0% IR is a little far fetched though I agree.
  12. Do you keep all your money in your matress then, smart move.
  13. Sorry, its something in the furtue I've been working on, it used 802.11g and runs at 54Mbs watch this space.
  14. Is that the USB2.0 one with Wifi, I'd like one of those too for £49.
  15. I asked if it was okay to buy a house now, he replied "Aaaar, Well Sure". I'd say Nationwaide and Halifax have got our Guru on the payrole, otherwise he is very very clever and knows somthing like I'm going to get a new job that pays £500,000 a year.
  16. You're right, its a bit like me saying I've got a pre paid car, I pay for it, I service it , fill it with petrol and its all prepaid payed for by me. Some fu**wit at the bank hasn't thought this through, the whole idea of a credit card is to even the bumps out with peolple spending patterns, some months they need a bit or credit and then the next month when they fell flush they pay it back, if you had the month in the first place why bother with a credit card.
  17. I'd say Yorkshire is centuries behind, ever seen Last Of the Summer wine, I rest my case.
  18. If this black market is as rife as you make out they why hasn't inflation been ramping out of control as folks have more money in their back pocket to spend, the money must be going somewhere.
  19. Forgot one, a bloke down the pub sells copied DVDs rakes in about £2.50 extra. This fraud is just getting out of control something has to be done.
  20. Official figures are based on what the govenment receives in taxes and NI, are you suggesting the majority of the UK are somehow tax dodgers, how else can you explain the differance in your experience and official figures. Most of my friends are in the 40K/70K income bracket but I wouldn't for one moment take this as the norm.
  21. We now live in a society where nobody is accountable, anyone with an idea to make money can set up shop and close it down when the going gets tough, come on gang join the club its a free for all, New Labour New work ethic, new busines thinking, run up debts of 100K and just sign here to right them off. You're really missing out sitting on the fence waiting for the crash, here my business plan, put a advert in the newpaper saying 100% gauraneteed way of saving on your utility bills just sent me £10, as the money rolls in I issue my customers with a piece of wood with a nail through it for sticking bills to, other variations could be fridge magents etc, see it's easy.
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