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  1. The BOE latest minutes reported 9-0 to leave rates on hold, the market had priced in a rate cut in November, also alot of the FTSE has just gone ex-dividend. Hope this helps.
  2. Its all down to maths, a 100% rise followed by a 50% fall = back to square one. put into the equation inflation and its a 36% fall = square one, assume inflation at 5% and drop over 2 years.
  3. Ex local Authority are okay if in nice areas, its all about location, location, location.
  4. Best fixed rate deal is about 4.2%, if you borrow £117K which is 130K - 10% the repayement mortgage will be £630 PCM. £700- £800 is clearly wrong here. Offer about £115 initially, then go as far as £119 to avoid the stamp duty. Good luck.
  5. Almost like me, got A,A,A with further maths not computer science, worked on a building site after college to put some cash together for UNI, got a Tecki degree (2:1) with hons, then a Masters, who knows probably would have made my fortune if I'd stayed on the buildng site than working for a sweat shop IP (Intellectual Property, software to you and I) company.
  6. The sold sign STC (Subject To Contract) usually goes up once an offer is accepted, the exchange of contract and final completion can take anything to 2/3/4 months, it then will appear on the LR website after this. Cash sales are quicker as mortgages and lenders suveyors aren't needed and can saves about 4 weeks.
  7. Similar story, a friends next door neightbour told my friend he got 300K for his house back in 2003, my mate was quite chuffed as he thought his house would be now worth £350 min, had a look on land reg, he actually got 260K for it even though it was on for 299, another house on the street is now on the market for £250K, bummer. I'm sure we'll be hearing alot more of these stories in the comming months. Area was Wanstead by the way.
  8. They'll rely on inflation running at err err err 2% to erode the debt, After 25 years its still a real 100K to pay, now if you tried this in the 80's you'd only have a real 40K to pay, inflation is good, its the mortgage holders friend.
  9. Two BTLs walk into a bar and ask for two pints of lager, the barman says, sorry we don't serve food in here. Boom boom, can ya hear me mother.
  10. I was told by a friend that the initials TSB stood for Tough Sh** Ba$tard, indeed.
  11. You're all wrong, Merv and chums gather around a Weegee board once a month and asked the question, do we raise rate, leave them flat or drop them. Might explain the 1.1 Trillion in debt now, why or why don't they just get a working Weegee board.
  12. Don't know how true this is but I'be been told by a systems engineer whose worked on similar projects that by swapping lanes the camera can't track you, they look for the same car entering and exiting the same lane to average the speed, if you swap lanes mid point it get lost, could be horsesh**, has anyone else heard this. The other way not to get caught is not to speed.
  13. Quite a few capitalist counties gave it away free, how bazaar in a capitalist society, reason being to generating jobs and income revenue rather than killing the ****ing goose that lays the golden egg like GB and Co did.
  14. Twice the distance from one end to the middle. Predict a fall of 20/30% within 24 mths.
  15. Lets not mention the £30 Billion the robbing ba$tards made from the 3G licence auction that bankrupt alot of telecoms in 2000.
  16. The more savers save because of the comming crash, the more money the banks will pump into shares, its currently a false market, don't join in just yet, FTSE 5000 year end I reckon.
  17. Whats wrong with this advice.
  18. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4306634.stm
  19. Don't worry those clever marketing monkeys have come up with a new logo.
  20. Very good, kinda looses it towards the end but 7/10 for effort. Should have gone with "I'm gunna tear your play house down, pretty soon" or "Livin' in the land of the common people".
  21. http://breakingnews.iol.ie/news/story.asp?...892&p=y57849598
  22. The average wage is 61K thats why we can sustain current houses prices at 180K or have I got it the back to front.
  23. I would rather stick my *** in a blender than buy that pile of **** for 1/2 Mil.
  24. Here is the counter arguement. We're in the blue bit passed peak.
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