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  1. Hi Guys, Just to let you know that I got the keys today on my new home and it feels great. Thank you all for all your help, it kept me grounded during a difficult time. Now its all about new windows, carpets and radiators.... hopefully it will be a doddle after the purchase dramas! Best wishes Fiona
  2. Thanks doccyboy, much appreciated.
  3. Well good news for me....I have had an offer accepted on a house that really suits me and so far, I am delighted. I paid £155k in the end and I am pretty happy with that since I will be in it for at least 7 years and it ticks all my boxes. As I am paying cash I now need to arrange a house buyers report. I am keen to get a impartial, well carried out survey that doesn't cost over the odds and can be done in the next week or so. I am not sure if forum rules allow the recommendation of Surveyors. If so, it would be great to get posted a few names and numbers. If not, any advice on how to pick
  4. Well progress to date... Offer went in and was quickly rejected. EA was mannerly and said the sellers want round their asking price. So it is bye bye from me! Looking around now with a more realistic frame of mind. Thanks to this forum for giving me the advice on how to offer and insight to walk away. Before reading all the comments here I would have probably offered their asking price (which would have meant me borrowing loads of money) and crippled myself financially. Was I uncomforable about offering low?....not at all, so thanks for helping me get into that frame of mind as well. Wil
  5. Thanks for these comments and suggestions. They all add to my now, ever expanding, ideas about house buying and rental, good comment on this, Ride_on. The houses suggested do work on price very well, so thanks JoeDavola, I appreciate you taking the time to post those. I want to settle off a busy road, I really like the Ardpatrick, Cicero, Pommern, Trio and Blenheim streets and the Orby area north west off Grand Parade. I also want a kitchen with a dining area together with small separate lounge. Not a lot about at all! Yes, the first EA I spoke to was so patronising when I asked her how the
  6. I like the line ."If you offer a very low price, and its 'worth' more they will get an offer from someone else at a higher level" This is wise comment and helps take the emotional sting out of offering much less that a vendor is asking for. I have now been talking to a few EAs and they are really adept at the art of spin and poo pooing my objective comments about fair offers. My skin is thickening daily and I am hoping to see some more suitable properties come on in the next few weeks to give me more to choose from. I am trying really hard to work out how to get a good deal for myself, I st
  7. Thanks doccyboy, I will be asking those questions and like the idea of not even putting in an offer if the seller seems stagnant. That should save me time and effort. In an attempt to have objective information to back up my offer how forth coming are EAs on how much a similar property sold for? There are a few in the area that I would be keen to know how much they actually sold for to help me sound like I have done my homework when discussing my offer with the EA.
  8. Thanks for all your help with my query, I have certainly had my eyes opened. I feel all the advice has given me the "neck" to offer around £135 and see what happens. It is a nail biting time and I think I would agree that most sellers are over valuing their property. I must say I found the Irish House Hunter Website very interesting. A quick question on extracting useful information from EAs. Do they give out the selling price of a property easily? If not, are there other avenues to find this information out? Is there a method to get on the right side of an EA (is there a right side?) I am
  9. Lolacarascal and Doccyboy, What a lot of food for thought! I certainly did not appreciate the buyer's market aspect of my position gave me such a strong hand. I really see the value in the comment about being hard, polite and courteous. I will find the latter two behaviours easy enough, it will be the "hard" aspect that will really challenge me! It would make my overall position so much more comfortable if I could get a home for the realistic prices you are all suggesting rather than spend all of my money, and possibly more, being naive and taking the whole situation as it is advertised.
  10. Thank you all very much for your comments, your suggested offers are very thought provoking. I haven't bought in around 12 years and the market has really changed. I would be delighted to get the property for 150k, I was thinking the vendors may keep pushing for more and more even above the £175. It has certainly made me rethink what price I may get a property for and help me be realise I shouldn't be bidding as highly as I thought. I will certainly let you know how I get on and should you have any other advice on the best way to pitch the offer so that I don't get taken for a ride, keep fav
  11. Hi Forum, I am looking at a property in great nick in Castlereagh that is on the market at 175k and has a rateable value of 105k. I will have a cash offer, am keen to secure the property and spend as little as possible of my cash.. I have been trying to get some idea of what to offer on the property and have been reading the comments on this forum about buying property around 1.2 rateable value, in this case £126k. The other suggestions around are 10% and 5% below the asking price. I feel I have struck up a good rapport with the vendors and would like to keep it that way. Would there be any
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