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  1. https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/property/2017/07/11/is-shropshire-heading-for-a-house-price-crash/
  2. Hey Warwickshire Lad, I remember you. I've just returned after 11 years away. Maybe things are changing with all us oldies coming back to the forum?
  3. Bart, you need to sort out your pm box as it says it's either full or turned off.
  4. If I put our figures down it would do a Rightmove and skew the figures. As we're living in a married quarter we pay council rates but the house would be worth approx £220k -£250k in it's current state (ie magnolia woodchip)
  5. Have just turned mine on. Thats better!! Thanks RB, I didn't know it was there.
  6. Will firefox work with aol? I don't want to screw up the computer when hubbys awat until October. I need my daily fix! Edit: Thanks to RB I have just switched on the adblockers bit of Norton, and it seems to do the trick!
  7. Mods, webmaster or fubra care to comment?
  8. Seems we're not allowed to complain about them either as my thread was whisked off sharpish.
  9. That was moved fast mods, I take it we're not allowed to criticise them then???
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