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  1. Also asked the same question on another thread earlier. - cannot recall Dutch situation, but Sydney appears off around 15% in 18 months although the top end ( several Mil $+ ) is holding up - they are expecting a further 20% fall over the next 2-3 years . Spain appears dropping up to 7% depending on region and your source. South Africa is turning. Ireland? The 64 tonne gorilla US boom appears to have up to 2 years in it as they are coming off a lower base, although the West coast, NY, Chicago & parts of Florida etc. are stated as serious contenders for a correction. Governments in countr
  2. Agreed. There is some serious bad news daily out of the UK press now - it appears to be snowballing - almost every economic aspect is turning negative. Interesting if you take Sydney, Australia which is 18 months into deflation mode, they have experienced around 15% drops of which 7.5% falls were over four to six months. In between you have your "cruise speed" of 1% & a couple of seasonally adjusted spurts along the way. I hear another 20% to come. 35%(?). Are we agreed that overall the UK is on average 10% off, forget the massaged VI numbers -if you want to sell today in today's marke
  3. Do you not think that London prices are so reasonable because the rest of the country is so overpriced? The closing gap between London & the rest of the UK that's just hit the press, is a replay of the last crash. In due course, London starts to look cheap again.....but not yet. Once the "hot" areas of this boom flop around 20%+ further and the market wallows & festers for a while in its own stagnation, then real buying opportunities will present themselves - as per the general consensus here - around 2009-10, just in time for a pre-Olympics spike. What are your thoughts?
  4. But surely your lower rates could eventually result in asset deflation as per the Japan model?
  5. Tx. I'll ring the agent in the morning - another summer sale!
  6. Anybody have any experience / pointers on Christchurch town centre?
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