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  1. Sorry for my ignorance. I did try a google search but I couldn't find anything I would consider relevant.
  2. During a discussion with a workmate who's Russian, and travelled quite a bit, he enlightened me to the Swiss method of politics where they hold referendums frequently for matters of importance. I quite like the idea. I can imagine it gives the population a sense of involvement.
  3. Yep. I bought one just to taste and I ended up throwing it away after 2 bites. All the bread over there seems to be rammed with sugar, it's disgusting!
  4. I can second that. I worked in Texas and Oregon for a while and found it very hard to buy quality food from the supermarkets. No wonder Americans are so fat, they're living on shite! Vacume packed sandwiches that last for over a year are sold in every shop/garage!
  5. Did they not talk about this when the bailouts were being enforced upon us? I think the banksters threatened to leave the uk if this were to happen, making thousands(millions?) unemployed. If so, what is different now that they're keeping their mouths shut?
  6. What is the fascination with trams anyway? Surely it makes more sense to use a transport system that's flexable ie busses? Also, how can they justify the HUGE cost involved to implement them? Was the motivation job creation, back handed greed or just plain flamboyancy?
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